Benefit of a doubt

Wow.. So case has been filed for the former President of the Philippines. I don’t really watch television. I just learned it recently because of the spoof pics that pops out on facebook pages. There are a lot of things I don’t get though. For example, why the hell people jump to the conclusion that Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will go to jail? Or that she’s corrupted? Case has been filed, but proven nothing. Electoral sabotage/Poll Fraud? It didn’t mean anything. I mean, is the phrase “Benefit of a doubt until proven guilty” no longer applies to our justice system?

I am not her supporter. I can make up a long list of the things I hate about her. But still, why people assume that GMA was already found guilty when the legal proceedings haven’t begun yet. To think that she’s accused of one crime, “Electoral Sabotage” when actually she could have a lot more crimes committed and fouler than that and the only crime they could file up a case with is Electoral Sabotage? Am I the only one thinking that there’s something wrong here.

No matter how this current administration will deny it, they really manipulated this event. The Comelec gave the the hold departure order then suddenly came, warrant of arrest. What’s the point of the hold departure order then? What’s the point of giving it since there’s a warrant of arrest?

Sometimes I think, the liberty and freedom we’re living will be the death of this nation. It’s already proven for a couple of times. People Power? tsch! It’s a mob lynching.I just wish there are still pieces of rationale left in the minds of common folks.


One thought on “Benefit of a doubt

  1. Yes, I find that philippine justice system is a clown. They are making a lot of noise just to make a nonsense case. Noynoy must do something about it otherwise the global community look at him like a clown as well. Tanga.


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