2 Days of Experience vs Quality Assurance

Hello guys!

Okay, I was actually planning to post about something else, like a short story or dialogues that I was already trying to brew on my mind in the last few days. Well, that was at least the plan until something just came up and that made feel like upside down. I mean, I don’t even know what should I feel at this moment. Should I be happy about the overall event that just happened today? Because it’s really hard to though at least before this end finish I did make it up and put everything on its place.

Yeah I know you don’t know what I’m blabbering about. Let me share how this day screwed me up and able to balance everything again.

It happened last night, I was actually dreaming of it. My dream was I was in the office working along with my batch mates. We were near the training area, taking some calls doing normal business. Then when our shift ends, we check up our QA results (QA= Quality Assurance). Then on that dream I got a 1.5, which is way way too low (5 was the perfect score and our goal average should 3.36). So I woke up suddenly and got a little panic. Then I decided to go to the office and check it out.

So I went there to check it out around 12 midnight. By the way, my first QA score was 3.90, which is actually 2nd on the top, and we will have 3 total QA evaluations before this week ends. When I checked it out, there are no scores yet so I let it go and shrug that dream and tried to sleep again in the Quiet Room in the office.

I woke up again 2 hrs before our shift begin and have some coffee. After that, I tried to log in and check out my scores again and there’s still none, so I still got 1 evaluation. Then our Rose, our trainer, came and invited us to go to the conference so we could talk about the opportunities of our calls. My call wasn’t included in the topic because I got 3.90 which is above the average. Then suddenly while Rose was talking about someone else’s call opportunities, they updated our travel pod page and there posted was my 2nd QA evaluation score. My score is 1.70.

I was speechless. I did the fucking call flow. I didn’t miss the account assurance. It was even stated on the comment of that evaluation that I was actually confident and there were even no dead air. There’s empathy. The call handling time was 5 mins, I think. While doing the payment, I did verify the card holder name of the credit card number. And best of all, I did solve the issue. My opportunities were: I didn’t put the card on Autopay, I didn’t build a stable rapport to the customer, I didn’t educate the customer about the underlying issues besides the main issue, I didn’t tried to upsell any products.

First of all, about the Autopay – I didn’t know how to put it on Autopay, so I didn’t put it on that method of payment. That was the first encounter on that kind of issue. I was like, what the hell? Is it a failure on my part that I didn’t know how to do it or explain it?

Second, I didn’t build a stable rapport to the customer. I’m on baby steps, it’s not like it’s easy to create a sincere rapport when I don’t even know what the caller talking about regarding with the failure of her autopay.

Thirdly, educate the customer. How can I educate the customer when I myself need education about it? I didn’t give out self-serve options because I was thinking the caller already used up the methods on the self serve options because as she said she made a payment using automated phone service on which she failed that’s why she called us up.

Fourthly, I didn’t upsell. I can’t upsell at that time when I’m trying to focus on how to solve the issue.

I think there are a lot more but those are the only things I remember. I know I got it wrong but do I really deserve to be given with 1.70 when a friend of mine got 1.80 when he didn’t even tried to empathize and assurance that he can solve the problem, no account security verification, no education, a lot of misinformation, improper closure etc.

I really was like at awe. I didn’t know what to do. I was really dismayed by what happened because I know I was way better than some of my team mate, and I wasn’t even boasting. I know I’m not that good but of course, I know I’m better. I feel like I wanted to quit at that moment. ย I feel like I wanted to cry. Shit! I don’t even know what to do. I mean, do they really demand that much level of quality. What I did, I kept my cool all through out the shift and try as much as to keep it inside first.

But feels like shit now that I’m alone. I did talked to the QA agent. She asked me if it’s already 2 weeks that I’m already taking calls on my own, then I said “2 days, actually”. She was like, “Huh!?”. So she didn’t even know that?

Oh man, I don’t know how to continue this on. Let me wrap this up and see where will my train of thought lead me.



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