Travel Pod

Okay, so I did a little bloopers on my first day on the travel pod. The average handling time supposed to be just 10 minutes and I reached up to 49 minutes. I can’t really blame my customer because I was also confused. Damn! I really feel bad about it. I mean I already handled those kind of issues before, the difference is I have no senior agent (OJT) beside me to support me, to back me up just in case I forget something. I can only blame myself for it. I guess, I panic a little.

Travel pod

You probably wonder “what is ‘Travel Pod’?”. Well yeah, it really sound cooler though I don’t know exactly why it’s called travel pod in the first place. I guess because we’re venturing out, being independent on taking some calls. I’m already done with the language training and the product training is at its end and we’re also almost done with the OJT sessions. Now, we already to taking calls on our own.

The messed up thing that I mentioned earlier was actually a very simple issue. I admit, I panic a little. I find it hard to understand sometimes the words of my caller. At first, I thought I need to troubleshoot the certain equipment then suddenly the customer just changed his mind. Nevertheless, I should have control it.

I’m a little ashamed with my OJT if she found this out. She already rated me high with our simulations. Errrr.. By the way, did I mentioned that all calls from the travel pod would be recorded? So to add insult to injury, there’s a possibility that they would pull up that last call I had and everyone on my batch would listen to it. I just have to be prepare for that just in case they’ll do it later.

But on the positive side, this is going to be my motivation. It’s better this way. I’ll learn a lot with my own mistakes. I’ll do better later. I mean, I got to. If I’m going down, I’m going down fighting (lol, sorry if I sound like a protagonist in someone’s story).


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