Rush Week

I’m sorry guys, I can’t able to regularly post any interesting topics lately. I was really preoccupied with the requirements I have to pass to the HR’s office. This is the last week of submission of the said requirements that is if we aim to have our paycheck on November 15. After this, I guess I’ll be back to normal.

Yeah, I’m not really stressed. It’s just that it’s so tiring that we have to run along on various kinds of government office. It would helped us a lot if those people from the government office are easy to talk with. I don’t really get it why they always tend to be so mean and arrogant sometimes. I’m not saying they’re all are. It’s just that the other day, I went to the Philhealth office near Robinson’s Mall. We’ve been given a priority number by people in the door. Everything’s fine at first because I was just filling up some information to a document. When we fall in line and realized that the our number’s already skipped at according to the screen, we went directly to the lady in the desk and pass the documents. Then she told us that the number’s already skipped and we have to look for other counter that would entertain us. My friend, Sef, who accompanied me to the Philhealth office was really pissed off that he complained and questioned the integrity of the lady in the desk. I tried to sway him over the next counter just to avoid further disputes and just to, you know, finish the task right away, but he still keeps on complaining to the next counter. Good thing, those people from the other counters were considerate enough and offered us to personally fix our documents.  I was relieved and it felt great that they were kind enough to helped us out. After 5 minutes or so, we’re already outside the office with my Philhealth card on my pocket. Mission accomplished!

This day has been a rush. We were trying to get our SSS number that is required from the office. We need to comply it right as soon as possible so we could get our paycheck on the second week of November. Earlier this afternoon, another friend of mine, named Dave, went with me to the BIR office to verify and retrieve the TIN number and if possible get an BIR ID card. We have all the necessary requirement for it; Certificate of Employment, Birth Certificate and in my case, Marriage Certificate. Actually, I have nothing to say against this company. We process our files with not much of inconvenience.

Now that I have a job that is customer service related, we were stressed to give full satisfaction to our customers and avoid any offensive remarks, you know what I mean? I was just wondering why is it people from the government agencies fail that sometimes with their condescending tones and words. It’s not that I’m really complaining. I was actually just wonder why it is so.

Well, I can relax now, it’s weekend. The next week is now began. I hope I can deal with it better than the last one.

*This should have been posted last Friday. Hehehe.. I forgot I saved it ^_^


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