Happy Halloween: Trick or Treat

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It’s Samhain festival for all the witches. I’m not referring to the Hollywood thingy witches. I’m referring to the real people: Wiccan or solitary, people from paganism faith. Love and respect to you guys.

For the spirit of Halloween, I decided to post stuffs Halloween-related. You know, scary stories, urban legends, folklore, witches, rituals etc. etc. I’m not saying that you guys should believe it. Feel free to shrug it off or be curious, whatever. Since November is on our doorstep now, why not?

By the way, let me share that we don’t really follow that tradition of trick or treating every Halloween in the Philippines. We reserve that idea of going door to door in Christmas where we sing carols first on gates and doors before we get the goodies.

Anyway, be prepared for the scary stories and be trembled by the next posts. Hehehe, as if. Nevertheless, trick or treat!


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