Figuring Out a “Room Mate Agreement”

Okay.. I decided to have someone for a room-mate since my house still has one room to spare. I already have a candidate and he will probably move in by the time he get his first pay check. Yeah, it’s safe to assume that he’s from my office and a fellow employee. His name is Sef, the monk guy I mentioned from the earlier post.

Anyway, I want to make a Room Mate Agreement, to avoid any silly disputes and other small misunderstandings. I want you guys to help me out, that is if you could put some comment on the list I made. I actually got the idea from Sheldon from the ‘Big Bang Theory’. I’m not really hard to get along with unlike ‘Sheldon’ but it’s probably better if we know some boundaries that we should watched out for, right?



Room Rental Agreement

This is a legally binding agreement. It is intended to promote household harmony by clarifying the
expectations and responsibilities of the homeowner or Principal Tenant (Landlords) and Tenant when
they share the same home. The term “Landlord” refers to either homeowner or Principal Tenant.
Landlord shall provide a copy of this executed document to the Tenant, as required by law

Rental Unit Located at:


Principal Tenant: Eden Von Diño


Terms Length of Agreement: Month-to-Month
Either party may cancel or change terms of this agreement upon thirty (30) days WRITTEN notice.
The notice period may be lengthened or shortened by WRITTEN agreement.

Rent Information:

P___________, payable monthly on the ________ day of the month to_______________. Water and electric bill is not included on tenant’s payment. The Principal Tenant would be the responsible to paying the owner directly and will be responsible for organizing and keeping records of payment information.

For other utilities such as:

  • Gas/Garbage: Tenant pays __________ % of monthly bill.
  • Internet/Phone: Tenant pays ____________% of monthly bill plus personal long distance calls.
  • Cable: Tenant pays _____________% of monthly bill.
  • Other:_________________________________ Tenant pays ____________% of monthly bill.
Household Rules and Duties
Bedrooms: The Principal Tenants,_______________________ & _______________________, would be staying on the larger room with the balcony on the second floor. Tenant,___________________, would be staying on the smaller room on the second floor. TENANT mustn’t step unto the PRINCIPAL TENANT(s)’ bedroom unless given permission by the PRINCIPAL TENANT.

Cleaning:  The Principal Tenant and the tenant are responsible to clean their own room. The household chores for the rest of the apartment — living room, dining room, kitchen, dirty kitchen, carport and bathroom — will rotate, with each cotenant responsible for dusting, sweeping, mopping, and bathroom maintenance on a weekly basis.

Each will promptly clean up after himself in the kitchen. No one will leave dishes in the sink for more than 24 hours, and everyone will promptly clean up when asked.

Guests: Because of the apartment’s small size and security reasons, Tenant agrees to have one guest to spend one overnight at a time and to inform the Principal Tenant in advance and be subjected to Principal Tenant’s consent.
Smoking/Alcohol: Smoking and Alcohol will be allowed in the house except when the Principal Tenant(s) said otherwise. Parties, gatherings, and celebrations depends on the consent of the Principal Tenant. Tenant would need a permission from the Principal Tenant for parties, gatherings, and celebration.
Personal Property: Property kept in each roommate bedroom are considered personal property. Principal Tenant may enter, inspect and/or repair the premises at any time in case of emergency or suspected abandonment . Principal Tenant shall give 12 hours advance notice and may enter for the purpose of showing the premise during normal business hours to prospective renters, tenders or/and for normal inspection and repairs.  Upon 12 hour notice, TENANT hereby agrees to tend PRINCIPAL TENANT(s) the keys to the premises for the purpose of having a duplicate made for PRINCIPAL TENANT(s)’ use.
Damages: The TENANT would compensates equal to any damages he’s responsible of that happened inside the whole house. That includes living room, kitchen, dirty kitchen, bathrooms, carport, bedrooms etc.
Conflict Resolution: Each housemate will strive to develop mutual cooperation and good feelings with all other housemates.
Should disagreements arise, each shall try to resolve the dispute in good faith using clear communication.
If disputes continue thereafter, the housemates agree to the following methods of conflict resolution. PRINCIPAL TENANT named ________________________ will stand in the mediation and will have the last decision.
  • Violations of the Agreement
– TENANT agree that repeated and serious violations of one or more of these understandings will be grounds for the PRINCIPAL TENANT(s) to ask the other to leave. If TENANT is asked to leave, he will do so within 1 week, and will forfeit any outstanding pre-paid rent.
  • Leaving Before the Lease Ends
– If TENANT wants to leave before the lease expires on ______________, he will give as much notice as possible (and not less than 2 weeks).
Okay.. that’s it for now. I’m actually planning to go to the office and try to have some sleep there instead of here, so I can avoid being late, just in case. *Sigh Though, I really missed talking to Vem. 😦
To Vem: Beb, I’m sorry. We haven’t talked that much lately. Don’t worry. After I finish up all the necessary requirements, everything will be easy. Okay? Love you so much! Please be careful always and don’t ever think I didn’t missed you because I’m constantly thinking of you every minute. Love you! Hugggggs! 

2 thoughts on “Figuring Out a “Room Mate Agreement”

    1. Thank you for the suggestion Patrecia.. I almost forgot to include that too. I’ll make another one, if I have time since the candidate probably move in here in the middle of November.


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