Would you rather have the first word, or the last?

Would you rather have the first word, or the last in an argument? Some people prefer to speak first, others insist they have the advantage only if they get in the last word. Where do you stand?

Would you rather have the first word, or the last?

I stumble upon these thoughts from the dailypost. Would I rather have the first or the last word? Well, I guess it still depends on what the argument is all about. I can make up a comeback or start a flame but I would rather choose the more sensible position that favors me best.

  • Initiator – Usually, if we accuse someone, we tend to go first in an argument. I tend to choose what favors me most, that depends upon the argument. I can go first so I can taunt someone. Well, sometimes taunting is a great strategy. It may come out a mere nonsense or in an intent of being politically incorrect. It’s like what they called trolling. That depends on the target of the taunt though. Always mind the age, sex, status, any possession or the mother etc. of your opponent, as long as you can hit with taunt as deep as you can that it would hinder your foe filled with rage that makes him or her disoriented and can’t think through the right response. Clouding their judgement. If your opponent is good though, it will back fire two fold. If you’re ungaurded, it may come back to you eight fold.
  • Comeback – This may not be favorable for a start but most people would rather be on a reply position than the one doing the taunt. One of the reason is because whatever the initiator throw at you, if you’re creative enough, you can hit back as much as a dozen fold. You can prepare your thoughts and can come up a better strategy.

Still, that depends. There’s a difference between a debate and an argument. For me, a debate should be properly organized, especially in thoughts and must be heard with an open mind. Sometimes, both sides can be reasonable. It just a matter of whose side can relay the message better. People usually mistook debate as a bad thing but I believe that healthy disagreements leads to compromise. It is a great exercise for our sense of democracy.
Arguments are, sometimes, one sided. What matter is who has the louder voice. Though, there are some senses to it too. The funny thing about it, sometimes, those who are involved in an argument, they tend to give out baseless fiction to convince themselves, instead of stating the right facts.

As much as possible, I avoid senseless arguments. Still, some arguments can spark inspiring ideas. Sometimes, it can’t be avoided. As long as I know where I stand and how fruitful the result is, I let myself indulge to such matters.


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