I’m thinking.. What?

Okay.. It’s been.. (how many days was it?) few days since I last posted. I was a bit guilty about it since I deliberately joined the Post-A-Day Challenge. I’m sorry guys. It’s a bit hard to keep up. My mind is now preoccupied with stuffs related to work, like the requirements that I have to pass before the end of this month, my fellow trainees who each have different frame of mind, our trainer who seems love to hit me with sarcasms (it’s a challenge, there’s nothing to worry :D) and, of course, the rent of my house and other expenditures. It’s not like I’m complaining. I can handle all of these, I mean, I’ve been away from these kind of cycle. It’s time to get back. I just have to suck it all up and I’ll get by.

So anyway, I don’t know for sure if I can deal with this NaNoWriMo thing now, since I can’t even do the Post-A-Day Challenge but we’ll see when we get there. It’s not like accuracy of the story is a mandatory, I just need to finish it up before the deadline which is on Nov. 30. The plot and the characters are still the same. There’s no time to do some changes about it. I have to stick with it and reach the finish line. Hehehe..

What have I learned on training? Well, I learned a lot, more in American culture which I would be probably talking about more in the future. What’s bugging me is the thing the trainer told us to speak as flat as possible. I’m trying to be but the more I tried, I’m sounding more Filipino with the intonation. Hehehehe.. The problem is I was told before that I should speak in American intonation but now I have to break that belief and go flat. (*sigh) Anyway, it’s not like it’s really a big problem. I can handle it I still have much time to learn some more. We’re still in the Language training, in case you might ask.

One of the reason I love the training, we’ve given an assignment to watch as many movies as I can. I guess, that’s because our product deals with Pay per views, movies, series etc. We even watched TV series on the floor along with our trainer. It’s cool though the funny thing is, I already watched the series they’re presenting us. Most of the movies and tv series they mentioned, I already watched it. Then it made me think, Am I a tv buff? I know I’m not. For me, to become a TV buff, you should at least know the details of the series and movies you’ve watched. There are only 3 movie speeches I know: Braveheart, Dragonheart and Independence Day. Oh and also some lines in Dead Poet SocietyWith Honors and some other Disney cartoons like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin etc. Hmmm.. Am I a TV buff? I don’t know. I never consider myself like that but it’s really cool that we get to watch movies. It feels like home minus the popcorn and sodas.

Anyway, good to see that my blog still has a good hits even though I’m not constantly blogging. Bear with me guys and feel free to comment on any silly posts I did in my past.




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