Almost There

Earlier this day, I woke up around 4 am because of the sudden shock of half-asleep thought that I have to get up as early as 3 am for work, but as I looked up to my alarm clock, I’ve mistaken 5 to 4 and get back to sleep. Then I woke up again and checked the clock and noticed that it’s already pass 5 am. I wasn’t alarmed at first because, I don’t know where I get this, I thought my work’s going to start on 6. Then around 5:20, I suddenly realized that I’m already late for work. So I picked up any clothes in my path I can get a hold of and run, like a common bag snatcher.

By the time I arrived, it’s already 5:30 something, but good thing our trainer’s seem a good guy. My friend told me that he waited for me for extra minutes before they start the training session. But still I was really late. As I shuffle and trying to settle down on my seat, he gave me a question right away which is, “What makes you think you’re a winner?”

“I think I’m a winner because I choose to be one! Life can really hit you hard but I’m always trying to face it on right away. I’m a man of non-conformity views. I’m always trying to venture out from the limit of my safe zone. I’m a risk taker, especially in my thoughts and ideals.”

Well okay, I know it’s just a so so answer but there’s truth about it. I’m not saying that we all should go planking in front of Ampitheatre or dance to the tune of “Beat it!” by Michael Jackson and create a flash mob dance in the middle of Diversion Road (though I think it’s creative and noble if properly and legally organized). We have to stop complaining and yapping, do something about it instead.

Anyway, all throughout the day, it was a day well spent. I get to talk to with this fellow trainee. As our talk progress, he mentioned that he’s actually a Catholic monk, who has an experience of practicing the vow of silence for several years before he get himself involved in this line of work. What are the odds?

At the first impression, I would be lying if I say I never doubted him because that’s one of the most natural thing to do, but as our talks progress, I realized he’s actually a good guy. He mentioned that he came from Manila and just got back here because of her mom’s illness, so, in case he’s interested, I offered him the extra room in my flat, since it’s been weeks then that I was looking for a flat mate. He accept and he offered that we should split it 50/50 so it won’t be hard on my part, but I decline. The reason for that, it is because I want to established my right for the authority of this whole house. So he understands what I mean and he asked me for the limitations, which I explained that actually there’s only few.

So I wonder how this phase of my life turning out so far, it feels like I’m being guided to be here in Sta. Cruz, which is 20 minutes tops away from the office that I’m working into, where I meet a monk that can help me lessen the burden of my expenses. Is there some sort of cosmo conspiracy going on here? One more thing I find fascinating is that, I’ve worked with this company three years ago and the power trippers and that cutthroats that ruled the floor before are no longer part this office. Hmmm.. As what I heard from the movie ‘Almost Famous’,..


2 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. Hold me closer tiny dancer
    Count the headlights on the highway
    Lay me down in sheets of linen
    you had a busy day today….. yeah!!!


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