Bum to Workforce (with a Vengeance!)

After 1 month of being a bum, now I become a working bum. XD.. The difference, of course, is now I get paid for being in front of a computer, and instead of writing and typing stuffs here in my blog, I have to relay my thoughts verbally. Which is good actually, I can hone my speaking skills. Hehehe. Yes, I didn’t mentioned about it here in my blog because I was still on the process of being hired and I don’t want to assume anything but I just got back from the final interview earlier and been told by the pretty Operation Manager that I passed all the necessary qualifications and that I’m hired. Rock on! But I know this is just the beginning.

So what’s my work all about. Let me just say that it involves efficiency, communication skills and lots and lots of brain work. This is not going to be easy (of course it’s not! There’s nothing easy about anything that’s worth having) but I will give it all best I can that I will make it through and would actually aim to progress through the ranks. I mean, I’ve worked here before in this office but that was three years ago and the company’s under a different name.

But I really need to harness my time management skills. I don’t want to give up the NaNoWriMo thing but this is going to be a drag. Such a hectic November this year has. It’s all happening.

I was an Operation Manager in my previous company now I have to start from scratch. Motivation: Progress through the ranks!

(Sheesh! I just got home from the contract signing. Now, I have to get up as early as 3 am and go to work before 5. Errrr.. But I usually sleep at 3 am.. I got to feed the dogs much earlier now than usual.)


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