NaNoWriMo Update: Customizing the Avatars

Time to get back to NaNoWriMo!

Okay, so.. I still can’t figure out how to run the middle of my novel. I already planned out the end and the beginning but I can’t fix the focus of my characters. I keep on misdirecting their personalities. I’m not sure if this is going to help. I decided to give them fantasy faces, to ground their attributes. It might help me out concentrate on their distinct qualities and give them some good dialogues. LOL.. Feels like I’m in a role playing (RPG) online game where I’m customizing some avatars or something. Well, let’s see..

So far, I already mentioned few characters in scribbles in my private blog. That’s on chapter 1. I don’t want to analyze too much what their names should be, so I used the names I’ve heard at that time when I was writing it down. It’s all subject to change (of course), maybe I’ll change it after this post. Oh! just to be clear, the title would be “Coffee Shop Chronicles”. Here goes:

  • Von (Hehehe.) He’s the guy who stumble on the coffee shop. A gentleman with a lot of opinions. He’s a non-conformist. love dogs and whales. He’s into blogging and has a wife living in California, named Vem. Basically, it’s like describing my own self 😛 Yeah, I’m the protagonist! Hehehe..
  • Vem as herself 😛 Von’s wife. Though she wasn’t on the scene yet in Chapter 1. Von keep mentioning her name in his conversation with Anne. She currently staying in California. Further bio would be updated on later chapters. I decided to pick Vem for her role because she’s simply cute in this picture.
  • Juno or maybe I’ll use the name Anne instead. A foreigner gal (around early 20’s) who’s taking up some classes in local university. She’s the daughter of the coffee shop owner. Who seems to be responsible to its interior design. Not that it really matters. She’s a bit quirky but very pretty. She has this strange aura with her that Von sometimes would leave Von dumbfounded. (lol?).. So I was trying to figure out what should be her face in this story. As I mentioned in the other post about the movie I watched, I decided to go with Anne Curtis. Though she’s a Filipino, she has some foreign blood in her and she’s a bit quirky and look good in it. And, did I mentioned she’s supposed to be this hot? Okay, it’s a mandatory.
  • The next one would be Earl. I choose the name Earl because I keep hearing “My Name is Earl” in my mind, maybe some sort of an LSS but not, because technically it’s not a song. He’s Anne’s dad. Very accommodating and cool. I picture him some kind of a biker or something. I think I’m gonna go with a foreign face on this one. I don’t really know who this dude is. Even though Earl’s supposed to be friendly, he should look badass as this guy.
  • Chiz is a some kind of a local rockstar. He has talent but sometimes posing as a buffoon. I haven’t build up his character yet, it’s still on the process. So far, Von suspects there’s something between Chiz and Anne that he can’t really conclude what. I also don’t know this guy. I just put the word “rockstar” in google and voila!
  • Yu is talentless guy who’s posing to be a rockstar. He loves to hangout with Chiz because of the perks and so he can be considered someone important in the local music scene. I’m still undecided with the name because I was expecting him to be Chinese, but who cares :p I also don’t know who this guy is, just googled “rockstar poser” and this guy’s pic show up. I guess he really is a poser since I saw the site of this pic and he’s some kind of a model for rockstar costume.
  • Victor. Von’s great drinking buddy. He’s the guy who’s supposed to meet Von in the coffee shop. Got some Chinese genes. Great guy though his father just passed away.
So far, that’s what I got. These will be the faces of my characters that I will use to ground my story unto. I’ll update later whenever I get some more characters involve. I still can’t figure out what my antagonist should look like. Anyway, I hoped this would help me ground their qualities.

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