Exploring Google+

I’m trying to explore this Google+ thing. I’m tired of facebook, not because I hate Mark Zuckerberg or the facebook itself, because I don’t. It’s just that I have some bad memories from past friends and their influences there still haunts me. It’s like as if there’s some kind of a conspiracy going on and I just want to get away from it. Besides, I want to try something new and it feels good that you have another option besides Facebook. So I figure, why not try this Google+.

Now, my initial observation to it. It’s a great competitor to the almighty facebook, it’s somewhat can be like twitter and they said it can work like a blog. Well I think it does, though I wouldn’t suggest migrating your blog to google+. Maybe you can use it as a blog for personal niche. If you really want to, read this first Why Google+ can’t replace your blog, at least you’ve been warned.

So what’s cool about it, I can’t really say. I’m still in the middle of exploring it though they have this feature called Sparks that seem interesting. Sparks is a sort of social search where you get the opportunity to discover stories that are within your interests. If you like what you see, you can also give it a +1. If you want to spark conversation surrounding a story, then you can start one from within Sparks. Making a story more social. Reminds me of Stumbleupon.

It also has this Hangout feature,ย the group video chat feature of Google+. It was said that it can hold 10 person, kind of like Skype, though it only limits up to 10 but at least it’s for free. And the Circles will make it possible to restrict Hangout to only people we want to be there.ย Plus, it has easy access to your email, social network profile, search history etc.

I’m sorry, I’m not trying to sell this thing but just in case you might want to try it. Click here Smokebear. That’s me, so just hook me up. Hmmm.. Honestly, this is interesting.


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