Busiest Day and a bitsy of Stupidity

* This post supposed to be just named “Busiest day” but due to the most recent misfortunes, which you’ll understand when you finished reading this blog, I add some more to the title and changed the featured pic. By the way, I’m really sleepy. Good night guys!

Wow. So now it was marked that October 13 is the most busiest day of hits I have. I really wonder why, since the highest views I got is from my old posts like the Twisted Sister and the Boogeyman and not from the new ones. Nevertheless, thanks a lot guys! I’m not sure when will I reach as high as this again or surpass it. It beats the day I posted “Envy” which I assume sparks the interest and negative reactions from self justifying people. πŸ˜› Funny, I was expecting an argument in the comment section that day, but I guess, they don’t have the guts and would rather post their own modified version of things in their own facebook page. It’s not like I’m against it, do whatever you like.

Okay enough about them. So this is as high as it gets. Probably because of my NaNoWriMo updates and pingbacks, I have a lot of visitors. Thank you guys. I know it’s silly to be thankful for hits because I can just call my wife and tell her to keep on clicking my blog to reach it but she’s already asleep and been playing Dota in Warcraft as soon as she arrived from her work. Don’t fret, I haven’t done anything like that. It defeats my purpose and I hate to be filled by some pretend ideas and deceive my own self. It’s inconceivable.

So, new day has just began and I wanted to post something as soon as it starts.

Here’s a NaNoWriMo update: I already got four characters introduced. I have no intention of proofreading but there’s one I noticed that can’t stop my self to fixing it right away, when I mistakenly put jeans when I’m referring to genes. Seriously, they sound alike but can’t figure why would I spelled it like that.

And, Oh My God!Β I just lost almost 1000 words I updated just now in my novel. And I’ve been working on that for few hours. Sheesh! now I know what sort of stupidity I’ll run into. The three or four hours I spend tweaking that now become a waste.

Well, that’s okay. I’m already tired and don’t have much strength to smack myself. I hope I can come up something better tomorrow and make sure that it’s properly saved. For now, let me say have a goodnight everyone and sweet adventurous dreams.


– Von


2 thoughts on “Busiest Day and a bitsy of Stupidity

  1. Chuck Berry’s “Johnny Be Good” comes to mind, go! Go! Go! you are rocking around the world my friend good job!-WATW


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