NaNoWriMo Update

Okay, so I already started some stuffs about my novel. I hope that doesn’t count as cheating. I bet some people did that too.. Hehehe. I posted it to a private blog I created last night. I’m just following Erica Johnson’s advice in “Prepare for National Novel Writing Month with the Post a Day Challenge” Where she mentioned of creating another blog solely for NaNoWriMo write up. Don’t worry, it’s a private blog. I’m the only one who can only see it. It’s not like I’m serious about it, I’m just trying out the drift, you know?, I mean, the vibe. My problem is I still don’t know how to end it. I guess, I’m “I’ll – know – it – when – I – get – there” kind of guy. About my characters, I’m still trying to fix them, giving them different distinction. I find it hard to describe someone so I’m borrowing my friends’ personality. I hope that’s okay. I’m going to give them credit anyway.

Last I checked it’s

So there’s more time to for characterization and tune ups. As I said before the title would be “Coffee Shop Chronicles”, a non-coffee drinker stumbled upon a coffee shop, where he meet various kinds of “people”. I don’t want to share any more details about it. I might spoil the surprise. Yeah there are some twists and stuffs. Errr.. I think I shouldn’t have said that.

Anyway, I better create some summary for each chapters I can focus unto rather wait for the day. I believe my story would reach up to 10 chapters. I’m not sure if that’s okay. I guess I have to make an average of 5,000 words per chapters. Hmmm..

If there’s any Ilonggos out there who are participating to this event. Feel free to contact me, so we could organize a group write-in somewhere. Share the vibe and help kicking procrastination out.

Good luck everyone!

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