Nano..Nano.. Nano.. Nano.. Wri.. Mo..

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Okay! 2nd day after joining a post a day challenge. Hehehe.. I have to do this consistently.

About the NaNoWriMo, I checked the web about it. There are some demotivational pictures I stumble upon. Mostly, they’re saying that it’s kind of useless to join because no one really going to publish it. It’s all about the quantity, not the quality as they said. Then I ponder. The purpose I wanted to join this challenge is just to practice writing. Establishing a strong bridge from my mind to media. I’m not really writing to impress some other people but to know my limitation and find a way to surpass it. Yeah, I admit, the hype that people brought on joining NaNoWriMo, somehow inspired me to join up too. It’s not like there’s something wrong about it.

Funny, it seems I’m the only one from this region who’s joining the NaNoWriMo. I was really expecting there’s an Ilonggo writers facebook group. Last I checked there’s an Iligan NaNoWriMo writer’s fb group. Damn, it would have helped me a lot if there’s someone I can ask for tips and advice that I can talk to over coffee.

So far I already made some chapter outlines and target word count for each. The plot is simple. I decided to choose a simple plot instead of brooding complex ideas. For the last few years, I already had a story in mind that would like to write but it’s a bit complicated. That’s why I decided to come up a simple one, nothing fancy or thrilling.

The title would be “Coffee Shop Chronicles” or “Cofee Chronicles”. I haven’t decided yet about that one. It’s about a guy who hates coffee and just stumble upon this weird coffee shop where he meet various kind of people. Okay, so far that’s what I got. I haven’t fixed my characters yet.

I would really appreciate it if you guys can give me pointers to make this novel delightful. I think I better start writing right now even just in my wordpad without any word count. Hmmm..


9 thoughts on “Nano..Nano.. Nano.. Nano.. Wri.. Mo..

    1. Thanks! and to you too!. Way to go about the pants motivation. I liked the idea. I better think of something different but humiliating to wear or do to motivate myself. I think it might work 😛 hehehe..


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