Morning, Sportsfans!

Wuu.. Good morning, Sportsfans!

Lots of changes in my routine and there’ll be more, I expected. I woke up early, around 5:30 am. I feed the dogs in the garage and let them poop (I’m going to clean that up later) and let them run around for 30 minutes. Then I brought Leroy back in the dirty kitchen. I can’t let him just run loose around the house, he’s a bit noisy especially when he’s in the garage because of people, jeeps and cars passing by he liked to bark at. So I place him there while I let Sable play around. She always wanted to be beside me so she’s easy to handle. After securing them 2, I decided to have some groceries.

Now I’m back. I just bought a load of house stuffs. Marco, a friend of mine, accompany me in the Supermart earlier this morning. Good thing he’s around to remind me what I need. I’m not really used to this so I tend to forget something I ought to buy. I’m going to put the list of things I bought, So Vem know what I lack and in case I forget something, feel free to remind me, mysterious reader, in the comment section. I appreciate that.

Here it is:

  • 2 doorstep rags
  • dish placer
  • glass placer
  • 4 glasses
  • 6 plates
  • 5 spoons
  • 5 forks
  • 1 dish washing paste
  • 4 bowls
  • 2 rags
  • 2 brooms ( 1 fan-like and 1 tingting)
  • 1 dustpan
  • bundle of medium size trash bags
  • 3 trashcans (1 for the outside, 1 in the bathroom and 1 upstairs)
  • bundle of hangers
  • used clothes container
  • alcohol
  • bleaching liquid
  • a mop

I already have pails and buckets for the bathrooms and Vem said she’s going to send a package for curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases. So I guess, there’s no reason for me not to clean up this flat and I no longer need to eat outside. Just an FYI: Honestly, I don’t enjoy this part of the own-house thingy experience. You know, this is one of those times when I want to emphasize how important women in our lives. I always have great respect with them. They can naturally deal with these things, like cleaning and washing. But since there’s no one around, someone’s got to do it. Suffice to say, my next objective is to apply for a job and look for a room mate to occupy the other room. I hope I’ll achieve both soon as possible.

Oh! While we were traveling earlier to groceries. The jeepney’s radio was on and we heard this song called “Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars. I’m not really into mainstream but this one I get to hold of, became a last song syndrome. Let me share it with you guys. I’m not saying I liked it, but maybe I do, but I can just get it off my head and it somewhat fits to what I feel right now. By the way, I enjoyed this alternate version compared to the masked monkeys.

Here you go!

Grrrr! I hate household chores… 😦


2 thoughts on “Morning, Sportsfans!

  1. It’s good to know that you already moved into a new house. I’ve been planning that too right now I am paying for the lot and then if God will permit I will build a new house. I will write a blog about soon just so you will see it as well. Congrats!


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