When “Pedring” Strikes…

Here and back again!

The storm has passed and it’s hot and sunny now here in Iloilo, Philippines. It’s so hot that it feels like it never rained. I was out for 40 hrs or so, because of the technical problem with the electrical lines. I don’t really have idea how it failed and worked, even if I have, I don’t know how to explain it. So let’s just keep it as a technical problem.

I was greatly touched by this lady thewomanatthewell.wordpress.com that she dedicated a post for us here in the Philippines: http://thewomanatthewell.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/typhoon-hits-philippines-please-pray-for-our-friends/. I know I already said thank you. Let me just say it again 🙂 Thank you for including us in your prayers. We may have different belief and outlook on anything, but it doesn’t stop us to extend help and prayers to those who are in need. That’s why I always believed that humans are basically good. So now I don’t know when to stop saying “Thank you”, Hehehe.. But seriously, we really appreciate it.

So continuing on, what was I doing when the storm came. Well, I was just in my room with no electricity and no lights ( we’ve run out of candles ). So I feed the dogs in the dark, my eyes just adapted to the darkness. I’m forcing myself to sleep, by finishing up this book “The Hobbit”, every 9 pm because I really have nothing to do, but I keep waking up in the middle of the night, maybe because of Leroy’s constant whining and sudden bark every time he hears the neighborhood cats. Yes, I kept the 2 dogs in my room. I can’t leave Leroy in the rooftop because it’s flooding out there and the it’s so windy. And Sable has been my roommate since I got here, I can’t chain her up because I fear that she might strangle herself. It happened to our other dog name Mangix, in Bacolod. Also, Sable is such a pain in the ass, she keeps nipping and eating whatever she can get her mouth with, like the paintbrush and plywood what was left by the carpenter in the second floor. That’s why I have to get them both inside my room and suffer the midnight wake up call. Well at least, I can sleep 3 – 4 hrs before Leroy would wake me up and I’m a bit secure when he’s around.

So anyway, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good but it’s much better compared to what happened in the northern part of the Philippines, where the flood reached up to chest. They have boats in their neighborhood. Even evacuation centers are not safe, people are transferred to another place because these centers are about to give in. The roofs are being blown away. But I think, compared to “Ondoy” that strike on 2009, it’s damage sums up to $1.09 billion and 747 fatalities.

While with Typhoon Pedring:

“The initial cost of damage to properties amounted to P3.4 billion, including P1.027 billion in agriculture and P120 million in infrastructure”

– National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) Executive Director Benito Ramos from MB.com.ph

Since Pedring entered the country on September 24, nearly 500,000 individuals had been affected 36,000 families or 168,000 displaced by floods and still staying in evacuation centers.

But this whole day, it’s so hot that as if the typhoon ‘Pedring’ didn’t happened, and I’m not he only one noticed that. I’ve heard someone from the radio noticed it too. Maybe it’s a bad omen of another impending calamity. I’m not sure, maybe that’s only here in Iloilo. Though there’s another incoming typhoon this Sunday, we could all just pray for everyone’s safety and hope that everyone is prepared for this another storm.


2 thoughts on “When “Pedring” Strikes…

  1. Oh my friend, I thank YOU for allowing me to reach out and accepting my prayers, I will for sure pray more for this new storm on the way, my heart broke for those numbers you quoted of the 2009 storm, I WILL pray, you guys be safe, and may you be blessed, thanks for writing this.-WATW


  2. Smokebear, this is great blog, you are collating related blogs/articles to get connected with others. Yeah thewomanatthewell I can say that your prayers are not only helping others but are helping save our Mother Earth. I will also do what you are doing. You too guys be safe! Bloggers get united.


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