Vem said I Should Blog About Survival Tips XD

My wife was watching ” I Shouldn’t Be Alive ” when she called me up. She told me that’s she’s saddened because of what she saw in that episode. It’s about a family that was caught in the blizzard and stranded in the wilderness. I’m now sure for how long, she didn’t told me. What she really emphasize of was when the husband decided to hike so he could ask for help and leave his family in the car. The husband never returned yet they survived because of the Search and Rescue Team who passed by with a chopper. They discovered the lifeless body of the husband and found out he was killed of hypothermia.

She then asked me, “What would you do if you’re in that position?” Then I said, ” I’ll blow up the car.” ( Hehehe! :P)

She told me for my next post, why don’t I try to create a survival guide. The funny thing is, I never been to that kind of dangerous situation before, so who am I to create one? Well she insists. She just probably want to check how would I react, she’s a bit paranoid sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sure if I’m the right to man asked about these stuffs. I’m not from an army or a survival expert. Honestly, I don’t even know how to cook properly :P.

A U.S. Army private is driving to a family funeral with his wife and 4-month-old son. They get caught in a blizzard, and a simple wrong turn leads them deep into a frozen wilderness where their car gets stuck in a snowdrift.  After surviving for days with no provisions they realize that there is little hope of rescue. They decide to abandon their vehicle and walk to find help.  But in this unforgiving environment they are soon overcome by exhaustion and frostbite. The young family has to face the real possibility that they are not going to survive.  Should the father say goodbye to his wife and baby and try to make it out alone? Or should they stay together as a family – whatever the cost?

I don’t know what I could have done to make sure our safety. I mean there are number of things I might do given with that situation. This post is not meant to show off my skills or whatever to show that I can do better. As I said, I never been to that kind of situation. ( I haven’t seen what snowflake dropping looks like 😛 ) I’m just viewing it hypothetically, “what could I’ve done?”.


I’ll look for a tree that I can make as a support for a shelter. Kind of look like this:

This is what it should looks like

Never tried this one before, I just saw this in a documentary on How did Robin Hood survived the wilderness with his merry men XD..

Shelter Site

• that is dry, well-drained and reasonably flat. As much as possible don’t sleep in the bare ground, gather some dry leaves to be your bed. Your body heat can be lost very quickly lying on the bare ground.

• that is a comfortable distance to water and has a supply of firewood. Take note though, never get to close with water supply, tempting but the animals liked the idea too.

• that has building materials for your shelter, such as dead leaves, dry fern, evergreen branches, or grass. Use whatever you can find.

• that provides protection against strong winds. Once you have enough debris in place, at least 3 feet (1 m) thick, you will need to place a layer of small, light branches over the outside of the hut to keep all your insulation from blowing away.

If you are lost and people are looking for you, make sure your shelter site is easy to be found by search and rescue teams.

Unsuitable shelter sites:
– A site too close to water may lead you to be troubled by insects and wild animals.
– Rivers presents a constant threat to safety. Heavy rainfall in nearby hills can easily create flash floods. Avoid dry riverbeds.
– Avoid loose rocks, dead trees or other natural growth that could fall on your shelter.
– Low ground, such as ravines and narrow valleys, couldbe damp and collect the heavy cold air at night and are therefore be colder than the surrounding high ground. On the other hand, the tops of mountains are exposed to higher winds. The best area to seek shelter is somewhere between.

Making a Fire

As I’ve said, I never been to any kind of this situation. What I’m posting are helpful information that could help you someday or me. There’s no harm in learning, right?

“The bow and drill” is the best method. However, you probably need to use the right materials.

The bow should be made of a stout green branch or hickory or maple. It should be about 3/8 to 1/2 inch in diameter and about 18 inches long.

The drill should be dry oak or dry maple about 3/4 inch in diameter and 12inches long. Stiff and straight.. Any green hardwood will work for the brace, The green wood can be slippery by itself but ideally it needs some sort of lubricant. Soaking it in water can be effective.

The wood you drill and the tinder are most important. The best tinder in Ohio is yellow birch bark. This is easier to find in northeast Ohio than northwest.. Yellow birch bark is oily and works even when wet. The wood you drill should be dry and soft. It should fit the drill well and have a good sized slot at least 1/2 inch wide on the outside for the tinder.

Preparation is the key. Before you start have a good pile of small tooth pick sized dry sticks. and supply of dry sticks of incrementally larger sizes.

In general starting a fire from scratch, that is starting with no materials can take hours or the whole day. The key is to be patient. Get the right materials together before you waste energy with the wrong ones.

Have everything close by, and make sure you have a stable work area. When you get a little smoke keep going until there is a good amount of smoke.Then blow lightly until you get a glow before touching it to the tinder. Once you have a flame on tinder slowly introduce the smallest sticks until you have a large flame that will ignite the larger sticks.

… I once asked “Why do I always have a lighter even if I’m not smoking”.. Well, this is why.. 😛

So anyway, let’s go back to what I said earlier, why would I blow up a car? Why would I need to create a shelter or a fire? I’m not really an expert but, Vem would be expecting my answer. The reason I’m going to create a shelter and a fire, is because my main objective is to blow up a car. They were trapped in that road, I dunno, maybe they were looking for a short cut or something but what matters is it’s still a road. There could be some people in a few mile radius. An explosion would at least alert anyone who are near enough to help us out. And if there’s a search and rescue team out there, we would be easily spotter because of the sound waves and the smoke from the explosion. But still it’s a great risk, great chance we’re in the middle of nowhere and no one can hear it and it’s such a waste to destroy a car that could be use as a good shelter.

Anyway, that’s just my theory, anyone could have done it better or I could be wrong. I don’t know how to handle a blizzard because I never been to a place with snow before. Also, the environment is unpredictable and treacherous. What if there’s a pack of wolves came out or a bear. I don’t know what’s my limit if kept in a very cold and harsh climate. I guess, what matters most is that my family to survive and would have everything in my power to make that happened.


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