Smokebear receives a “Versatile Blogger Award”

Wuuu.. I was notified by Patrecia, a.k.a misswhiplash, that I got an award, Versatile Blogger Award. Good thing to know that I’ve done something good in the midst of all the ruckus happenings in my life. So for Patrecia, thank you very much, I’m very honored and very much happy to receive it and would love to share it to other great bloggers out there. Patrecia has been one of the first blog I constantly followed when I started here in wordpress, visit her here: I’m thinking about…… Just a few stories from my life. 

So what to do next?

Here are the Four Simple Rules:

1.  Post a link to the person who gave you the award. (Which I did above :P)

2. Tell your readers seven random things about yourself

3. Award 15 newly discovered blogs

4. Send them a note letting them know you nominated them.

Seven Random Things About Me:

  1. I’m currently living alone but with my dogs: Leroy, a dobbermann pinscher, and Sable, a siberian husky, somewhere in Villa, Iloilo. That’s in the Philippines.
  2. I love coffee. May it be in an instant sachet pack or carefully brewed, as long as there’s one I can drink every morning when I wake up. Specifically, I love Cappuccino the most.
  3. I have a “Hyperthyroidism”. Though it’s not really serious. I got my T4 somewhere in 170-220 something. So I consider it fine, rather than having it around 700 which happened before. I’m reluctant to have it nuclear because of the worst case scenarios and currently. I don’t have a place to be secluded me with and no one to nurse me. As I said earlier, I’m living alone with my dogs as my company.
  4. I love reading books, but you’ll seldom see me reading :p.. I got it all stack in my room and I often read before I go to sleep. (I’m currently reading “The Hobbit” by J.R.R Tolkien because I bought it in low price in Book Sale.)
  5. I’m already married with Vem Diño in Janury 3, 2010. That’s was also the birthday of my only ex-girlfriend from high school. I hope it’s okay to Vem that I mentioned it.
  6. I’m a “Save the Dolphins” advocate. The last time I saw a pod of dolphins was when I was around 5-7 years old, we were in a ship though I forgot we were heading at that time. I just saw a pod jumping along at the side of the ship
  7. I’m a musician by heart. I love songs from the 90s, most probably because, it was the era of my adolescence stage, though I’m not sure if that was truly the reason why I love the 90s. We never stick to any name when we formed the band. Every gig we join into, we tend to change it every time. I’m into rock, alternative, punk, metal, jazz, blues and also other fusions like punk ska, glam metal, funk and more stuffs.
Here are the 15 blogs I enjoyed reading and I would like to extend the award to them too:
.. Now that’s 15. I’ll try sending note maybe tomorrow, if that’s okay.. It’s already 1:38 am here.. 🙂 Hehehe.. Once again.. Thank you for recognizing my blog. I hope this post would serve as a bridge to more wonderful people I’ll meet. Have a great day!

11 thoughts on “Smokebear receives a “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. SmokeBear-
    We are praying for you in the typhoon an flooding, thanks for the link by the way, congratz on the blogger award! Hope to see more posts from you soon to know you are ok! -watw


    1. Thank you very much! I’m okay, still fit and in good condition to blog.. hehehe.. I appreciate your prayers! Let’s pray for those who are greatly affected in the northern part of the Philippines.


  2. I am glad to hear that you are not in the wrost of this storm, I was looking on maps to see if if I could find your location but no luck so thanks for letting us know you are okay. Take care and keep in touch 🙂 WATW(woman at the well)


  3. I did finally find you on a map, It is so cool to know I am talking to someone all the way on the other side of the earth from me, this www this is amazing how it brings us all together. I am glad I met you, I love the candles on your blog, I like your posts, you are great to get to know! May God bless you.-WATW


  4. Congratulations! Smokebear I just read a few of your blogs and you are truly amazing. From now on, I will start following your blog, you see I subscribe to it as well. Kudos and more power!


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