International Travel versus Space Travel

It’s Sunday and I got nothing much to do.. So I decided to get back with Plinky and write stuffs about something that I’m not particularly interested with, but just to practice my communication skills in writing. Hehehe.. Don’t get me wrong, in my other moods, I would have scribbled a thousand words in a comfortable manner on such topic. Am I in what you called writer’s block phenomenon? Hmmm..

Plinky Prompt: Would you rather have one free trip to space or free international travel for life?


I’d rather have the free international travel, thank you very much! What’s the point of going out into space? Though I know it would be exhilarating, but there’s nothing much to see there after. I can just watch the stars in the beach and be mesmerized. I don’t need to go there to be amazed by stuffs I can see right in my window.

But, if I have superpowers like, if I could fly on my own and can survive in the environment without oxygen, I would.

And the other hand, I would rather have that free international travel. So I can be with my wife in California. She’s currently staying there with her dad and I would very much want to be near her.

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2 thoughts on “International Travel versus Space Travel

  1. that’s exactly what I said..what is out there that is worth seeing?

    Better value a lifetime of International flights…I do hope that you will see your wife soon,

    Did you understand what you need to do to get the award?


    1. No I don’t.. I checked my e-mail inbox and the wordpress commentary inbox.. I didn’t receive anything.. 😦 hihihi.. Where is it? Wuuu.. I’m a little excited 😛


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