Mabon: Simple Reflections

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Merry Meet!

I am not a full pledged Wiccan or whatever religion you might think I belong to. I believe that spiritual path should be personal and not something to be quarrel with other people of because no matter how we argue about it we are all under the Divine. Yes! I am not an atheist. Hehehe. I believe in the Divine, God or Goddess, doesn’t really needed to be categorized in a single perception. I mean, God can be depicted as whoever or whatever he wanted to be (I mean, He’s God. Who are we to limit Him?), but I’m used to call him God. (I hope you guys won’t mind) Because of my Catholic background, I look up him as a Father figure.

Now it’s September 21. Mabon (Autumn equinox) is one of the festivals celebrated in Wicca. It’s a seasonal changes from summer to fall. It’s when the day and night are equal as the God prepares to leave the body and the begin the great adventure into the unseen, toward renewal and rebirth of the Goddess, the balance of light and dark.Β Where First Harvest (Lammas/ Lughnnassad) celebrates the grain crops, Mabon celebrates the fruit, nuts, and vegetable harvests.Β The autumn equinox is the completion of the harvest begun at Lammas.

I remember the time when I join up with some Wiccan friends here in Iloilo, celebrating this Pagan festival (yes, they’re kind enough to invite me even though we differ in our beliefs). It’s one of the things I admire about Wicca, their great connection and love with Nature. We did some rituals and stuffs ( not to be mistaken with Hollywoodish hocus pocus). After casting the circle, we solemnly talk and reflect on the passing year. It was really cool and interesting.

Now, I chose to celebrate it alone through simple walking in the streets and having coffee by the seaside. Due to recent happenings in my life, it’s a perfect time of the year to look back, recall and let go all the painful memories and inhibitions; the conflict with past-friends, conflict with my father, and all the wrong decisions I did, and just let it all go, so I can boldly look forward for the future. Forgive and forget. (but in my part, it’s forgive them then forget them, sorry that’s what I am :P.. I’ll talk about it later maybe )

Have a Blessed Mabon everyone, whatever may your beliefs be. If there’s one thing Catholic school taught me, that God is love.

Merry Part,



5 thoughts on “Mabon: Simple Reflections

  1. Beliefs are as wide as the Earth , different peoples believe in different ways. God can be called many names but whatever the name and whatever the belief the end result is always the same. We are born, we live and we die. We cam from our maker and that is where we return to.

    Most of the wars are caused through Religion ( notice religion not beliefs) and this is why I am not religious..I have Faith and it is my Faith which is 100% of what and who I am.

    So we shall enjoy the Solstice, the end of summer, the autumn, whatever it is called and praise the Lord that we have the ability to do so.


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