Back Online!

Alright, I’m back!.. 1469 passer-by bewilders me.. So I have readers after all.. Thanks for the wait! Now am back, though not full-time like before. Lots of responsibilities added now that I’m living on my own with 2 pets on my shoulder. Actually, should have been 3, but Purple has to wait. I have a lot of things in my hands but I will see to it I’ll bring her next week.

So what’s new? Hmmm.. Got a lot of stuffs to share.. Let’s start off with: I’m now staying here in Villa, Iloilo, temporarily. I choose this place because 1 – My dogs are allowed (though Leroy and Sable scared the shit out off all boarders) 2 – I love the smell of the ocean in the morning.. and it’s breezy. Yes the beach area is just few walks away. You can see me there every morning, around 6-8 am drinking coffee. 3 – it’s secured enough. Most people here in the subdivision are students and the homeowners are sensible. They have this 10 pm curfew and a security guard at night. Yet, I said I’ll be here only for temporary. Though this place is promising, there are still lots of inhibitions and rules needed to follow. And I have no idea how long will they tolerate the dogs. So it would be better to find a whole place that we can rent where I can just let the dogs run freely on their own.

So what did I do to survive the Internet drought? At first, I was lost. Trying to figure out things to preoccupy my mind. What makes it worse is that I lost my cellphone charger. So I bought another one, and it only worked once then it just become useless. Anyway, so to survive I develop a routine. Every morning I wake up, I went to restos along the shore to drink coffee. As I said, that’s around 6-8 am. Then when I went home, I buy my dogs some food. Around 9 am, I feed them and let them play along themselves, then I chain Leroy back around 9:45. After that, I prepare myself to go to city proper. By 10:30-11 am, I’m in Circuit City in Robinson’s Mall playing Fight Night in Playstation 2. Then around 1 pm-2pm, I’ll go to 3rd floor so I can get online and talk to Vem because, at that time, my cellphones already have 10-16 miscalls from her. Around 3 pm, I would log off and get to Chaiz Cafe (also in Robinsons) to have a cappuccino. Around 4-4:30 pm, I’ll be pissed at the mundanity of people around me. So I’ll call for my bill, pay for my check and go down stairs where I can visit a local Book Sale just to shake off any thoughts of absurdity and buy some books to read at my place. There are 2 probable moves next, 1 – I would go to Coffee Break in have another cappuccino and read a book or 2 – just go home and feed the dogs and read some books.

That’s the routine, good thing I don’t have any available friends to get drunk with. Victor – his dad is still in the ICU and Val – he’s busy having a date with Michelle.

So now, I expect few changes on my routine now that I can get online when I want. I don’t need to post things that are needed to be done like my job or something. It’s already taken care of. I’ll let you know when its smooth sailing. 🙂

Anyway, did I mentioned this wasn’t the first place I stayed here in Villa? I guess not. The first prospect was great at first but, in the end, they realized they can’t tolerate my dogs. That’s why I decided to transfer. In a first few days of staying here in Villa, I was a little stressed so I decided to have a swim to relax myself. I’m not sure if I mentioned this to Vem.. Hehehe.. Anyway, here’s some of the pics taken in Punta Villa, (this was around 10 am)



  1. Welcome back Smokebear..I missed you darling even if nobody else did!
    I am a bit confused to enlighten me… Are you a student? If so why do you not study
    If you are not a student , where do you work and what do you do?

    I am just being nosey..I like to know these things so that I can understand your post better.
    You must be a nice person if you have dogs, but I hope that you take them for excercise


    1. Nope.. am no longer a student 😛 I’ve worked as an Operation Officer in Coca Cola Distribution Business owned by my family in Lambunao. I already quit and now I’m in the city, I have 2 options 1 – to take some classes ( I want to be back in school ), or 2 – find a stable job, that can sustain my good vices (hehehe) and food for the dogs..

      I take them for an exercise but not as much as before (because of my hyperthyroidsm). I’m planning to buy a bicycle, so I can just ride while they run 🙂


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