Back Online!

Alright, I’m back!.. 1469 passer-by bewilders me.. So I have readers after all.. Thanks for the wait! Now am back, though not full-time like before. Lots of responsibilities added now that I’m living on my own with 2 pets on my shoulder. Actually, should have been 3, but Purple has to wait. I have a lot of things in my hands but I will see to it I’ll bring her next week.

So what’s new? Hmmm.. Got a lot of stuffs to share.. Let’s start off with: I’m now staying here in Villa, Iloilo, temporarily. I choose this place because 1 – My dogs are allowed (though Leroy and Sable scared the shit out off all boarders) 2 – I love the smell of the ocean in the morning.. and it’s breezy. Yes the beach area is just few walks away. You can see me there every morning, around 6-8 am drinking coffee. 3 – it’s secured enough. Most people here in the subdivision are students and the homeowners are sensible. They have this 10 pm curfew and a security guard at night. Yet, I said I’ll be here only for temporary. Though this place is promising, there are still lots of inhibitions and rules needed to follow. And I have no idea how long will they tolerate the dogs. So it would be better to find a whole place that we can rent where I can just let the dogs run freely on their own.

So what did I do to survive the Internet drought? At first, I was lost. Trying to figure out things to preoccupy my mind. What makes it worse is that I lost my cellphone charger. So I bought another one, and it only worked once then it just become useless. Anyway, so to survive I develop a routine. Every morning I wake up, I went to restos along the shore to drink coffee. As I said, that’s around 6-8 am. Then when I went home, I buy my dogs some food. Around 9 am, I feed them and let them play along themselves, then I chain Leroy back around 9:45. After that, I prepare myself to go to city proper. By 10:30-11 am, I’m in Circuit City in Robinson’s Mall playing Fight Night in Playstation 2. Then around 1 pm-2pm, I’ll go to 3rd floor so I can get online and talk to Vem because, at that time, my cellphones already have 10-16 miscalls from her. Around 3 pm, I would log off and get to Chaiz Cafe (also in Robinsons) to have a cappuccino. Around 4-4:30 pm, I’ll be pissed at the mundanity of people around me. So I’ll call for my bill, pay for my check and go down stairs where I can visit a local Book Sale just to shake off any thoughts of absurdity and buy some books to read at my place. There are 2 probable moves next, 1 – I would go to Coffee Break in have another cappuccino and read a book or 2 – just go home and feed the dogs and read some books.

That’s the routine, good thing I don’t have any available friends to get drunk with. Victor – his dad is still in the ICU and Val – he’s busy having a date with Michelle.

So now, I expect few changes on my routine now that I can get online when I want. I don’t need to post things that are needed to be done like my job or something. It’s already taken care of. I’ll let you know when its smooth sailing. 🙂

Anyway, did I mentioned this wasn’t the first place I stayed here in Villa? I guess not. The first prospect was great at first but, in the end, they realized they can’t tolerate my dogs. That’s why I decided to transfer. In a first few days of staying here in Villa, I was a little stressed so I decided to have a swim to relax myself. I’m not sure if I mentioned this to Vem.. Hehehe.. Anyway, here’s some of the pics taken in Punta Villa, (this was around 10 am)


3 thoughts on “Back Online!

  1. Welcome back Smokebear..I missed you darling even if nobody else did!
    I am a bit confused to enlighten me… Are you a student? If so why do you not study
    If you are not a student , where do you work and what do you do?

    I am just being nosey..I like to know these things so that I can understand your post better.
    You must be a nice person if you have dogs, but I hope that you take them for excercise


    1. Nope.. am no longer a student 😛 I’ve worked as an Operation Officer in Coca Cola Distribution Business owned by my family in Lambunao. I already quit and now I’m in the city, I have 2 options 1 – to take some classes ( I want to be back in school ), or 2 – find a stable job, that can sustain my good vices (hehehe) and food for the dogs..

      I take them for an exercise but not as much as before (because of my hyperthyroidsm). I’m planning to buy a bicycle, so I can just ride while they run 🙂


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