What to bring?

Wow.. Am gonna have to post something, this might be my last log in online here in Lambunao,  though I hope not, my brother is kind enough to let me take over his laptop. I’ll be bringing all my stuffs and my dogs. So yeah,I have a mix feeling about this (excitement and worried). The problem left now is the transportation vehicle. Of course, they can’t lend me the Revo, and I’m a bit shy to borrow Uncle Edwin’s Pajero. So maybe, I’ll just rent something later that I hope I can afford. I don’t really know how much will it cost me. I’m estimating it to be on 1k pesos, about, so I hope that’s right.

So what else am I being worried of. Leroy, my doberman pinscher, I hope would not give me any troubles. I already told the owner, I’m going t0o bring 3 dogs: 1 toy breed, 1 medium and 1 large. I feel safe anywhere when that dog is with me. He could guard the house when I’m out. In exchange, I hope I can provide a security for them too.

What else I have to bring: Clothes ( Vem’s and mine), my collection of dvds, collection of books. I can just buy tables and chair there, also electric stove and a rice cooker. I have to bring Vem’s puzzle carpet, if only theyleft it in La Paz, I’ll be carrying a lesser burden. A pale and a bucket (lol), I’m gonna have to bring it, it was Vem who bought it in the first place. My beat box (tsch!), I saw it around the corner of our hardware store with a weighing scale on top of it. It’s being taken for granted, if they only knew that it’s an 8k worth of instrument. Vem’s shoe place thingy, I’ll be needing it.  A foam, pillows and pillow cases, good thing the owner offered me a built-in cabinet and a bed, so there’s no worries there. My laptop is at my cousin’s house in La Paz along with my net gear. I can just drop by later and get my stuffs.

So that’s it for now, I wish there’s someone who could remind me of what else more to bring. I hate coming back and get my self loaded every time I visit. Wish me luck guys. I’ve already been to this kind of situation so don’t think I can’t handle it. Hehehe.. Though, what really bothers me are the dogs. I hope I can handle it with much more ease than I was expecting it to be. Good thing, I’ll be near Punta Villa where I can have a swimming exercise and I have a relative just few blocks away from it too.

Here are our (Vem’s and mine) babies’ pictures:

Sable, my siberian husky
Purple, Japanese Spitz and Shih Tzu mixed
My bud, Leroy, Doberman Pinscher

I’ll be posting pictures of this new home for Vem and to whoever cares.. Hehehe.. I’m planning to stay there for awhile, maybe like 3 months, and keep on hunting for a better home. So for now, Godspeed! Au Revoir!

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