Flashback Friday: Velvet Underground

I just got back home (here in Lambunao) yesterday after a tiring week of house hunting. Speaking of “yesterday”, we celebrated my younger brother’s (Prank’s) birthday at the same time with the Town’s Fiesta.

Val and Michelle came with me, after Pranks texted us that his band mates decided to set up some instruments at home, so we could have a little jam sessions. I’ll be posting some pics or videos, maybe.. Hmmm.. later (like next month :P). It was a great. We did some cover of our “classics”, like “Kapayapaan” by Tropical Depression, Last Train Home by Lost Prophets, “Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall out boy, “I’ll be” by Edwin Mccain, and more stuffs of Urbandub, Kapatid and Bamboo… You know, “classics”. Maybe, I’ll tell you all about it maybe later or whatever (hehehe..), after I settled down in my new house and set up a new internet connection. Hopefully, that would be as soon as 2 weeks from now.

Anyway, after lunch, I decided to go online to talk to Vem and to check this blog. After the sudden “home crisis” I told you on my earlier posts, Ideas just keeps on visiting me every time I lie on my bed and I can’t shake off the feeling of need to go online and blog. Yeah, weird. I’m not even getting paid to do this stuff, so why the hell I feel obliged? I don’t know. Maybe because of my renewed interest in writing. Well, whatever I’ll figure it out someday anyway. I don’t need to force it right now.

Moving on, “Flashback Friday”. It’s already Sunday here by the way. I feel a little bad that I haven’t found time to feature anything last Friday. So just for the heck of it, I decided to post something now even it’s a little too late.

Velvet Underground

Wiki Says:

The Velvet Underground was an American rock band formed in New York City. First active from 1964 to 1973, their best-known members were Lou Reed and John Cale, who both went on to find success as solo artists. Although experiencing little commercial success while together, the band is often cited by many critics as one of the most important and influential groups of the 1960s. As Brian Eno put it, “The first Velvet Underground album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought it formed a band…”

… Their 1967 debut album, titled The Velvet Underground and Nico (which featured German singer Nico, with whom the band collaborated) was named the 13th Greatest Album of all time, and the “most prophetic rock album ever made” by Rolling Stone  in 2003. In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked the band #19 on its list of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”.

So without further ado and since it’s Sunday.. Here you go..

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning
It’s just the wasted years so close behind
Watch out the world’s behind you
There’s always someone around you who will call
It’s nothing at all

I love this song. It’s calm and great for laid back peeps. I picture myself on a recliner or a folding bed near a swimming pool while listening to this.

Venus in Furs

I am tired, I am weary
I could sleep for a thousand years
A thousand dreams that would awake me
Different colors made of tears

Inspired by the novella with the same title. Written by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch in 1870. A story of a man who wishes to be dominated and treated as a slave by the woman he loves. The song includes sexual themes of sadomasochism, bondage and submission.

Sweet Jane

“Some people they like to go out dancin
and other people they have to work. Just watch me now
and there’s even some evil mothers
Well there gonna tell you that everthing is just dirt
You know that women never really faint
and that villains always blink their eyes
that children are the only ones who blush
and that life is just to die
But anyone who ever had a heart
they wouldn’t turn around and break it
and anyone who ever played a part
They wouldn’t turn around and hate it
Sweet Jane, Sweet Sweet Jane”

Great song! It has a catchy tune and great intro. Lou Reed reveal the world as something far stranger, deeper and richer than it ordinarily seems. The last verse, he is singing about how some may say life may be plain and boring, but that it holds beauty. And, even though life sucks, if you ever find love or your place in life, and you have a heart or enough sense to know it, that you would be a fool to something that makes life so worthwhile, that beautiful thing.

I’m Waiting for the Man

Here he comes, he’s all dressed in black
PR shoes and a big straw hat
He’s never early, he’s always late
First thing you learn is you always gotta wait
I’m waiting for my man

 It’s about purchasing 26 dollars worth of heroin in a Harlem brownstone near the intersection of Lexington Avenue and 125th Street in New York City. The song is sung from the point of view of the purchaser who seems traveling to Harlem from another part of the city.


I wish that I was born a thousand years ago
I wish that I’d sail the darkened seas
On a great big clipper ship
Going from this land here to that
In a sailor’s suit and cap
Away from the big city
Where a man can not be free
Of all of the evils of this town
And of himself, and those around
Oh, and I guess that I just don’t know
Oh, and I guess that I just don’t know

One of the band’s most celebrated compositions, overtly depicting heroin use and abuse. While it didn’t endorses drug use, it didn’t “clearly” condemned it either.

“I love this song so much, I have never been addicted to THIS drug, but understand partly the craving and withdrawal symptoms of drugs and something that is so wrong but also feels so right, Having an addictive personality has not always helped me, but in one respect knowing my personality has made me wary of taking some risks. Respect to everyone that has fought and still fighting an addiction, you cant forget great highs like you cant forget great lows, we use them to direct us on our path!”


Now here’s an encore.. ^_~

The Gift

Sheila stood quite upright and
walked around to the other side of the package. Then she sank down to her
knees, grasped the cutter by both handles, took a deep breath, and plunged the
long blade through the middle of the package, through the masking tape, through
the cardboard, through the cushioning and (thud) right through the center of
Waldo Jeffers head, which split slightly and caused little rhythmic arcs of red
to pulsate gently in the morning sun.

I think it’s a funny story though it’s possible to happen in real life. So here’s your lesson, at least, inform her room mate or who ever she’s with about any surprise plans like this one. Or have a back up buddy stand us a delivery guy or something.


4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Velvet Underground

    1. I did.. I’ll move there later this afternoon.. I came back for my stuffs and my dogs.. hehehe.. It’s not extravagant, it’s small but it will do.. I’ll post some pics if I got a hold of a camera.. 🙂


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