Why the Hell I Blog and Keep Blogging?

I’m not really a writer of some sort. I don’t have any experience of being a part of any editorial team. I mean, I tried before when I was in Grade 5. I submitted a poem that I wished my adviser would consider, at that time, to put on the school paper but it was rejected. Then I think I submitted a write-up about a band when I was in High School but it was also turned down. I don’t really know any pointers about writing except what I found in some books I read about Journalism when I become College. Self-taught, I guess. Even I was rejected couple of times in my school days, I still keep writing about stupid stuffs I can find.

My real passion, I guess, is reading: Books, Magazines, Reviews, Feature Stories etc. but I’m not really a hardcore reader. Maybe, I’m more like a researcher because I choose to read only the things that has initially spark my interest somehow. My wife, Vem, always scold me for that. Well, I’m just trying to be true. I know it’s a little judgmental in my part, but I can’t help it. Good thing that my wife’s there to shove things (books and other write ups) to me, though I sometimes despise that thought. 

So continuing on, why do I blog. Let me tell you a little bit of my past. I have a friend I met in high school and we’ve been very close up to college. Let’s just call him Cro-ak because I’m not sure if it’s okay to name him here. He’s my partner in crime in my rebellious phase. We would play hookey (cut classes) in High School just so we can go to Computer Shops. Well, at least you can still categorized me as a  “moderate hookey player” at that time because I can still pass the exams and continue high school with no problem, but him? Cro-ak would spend the whole High School years in Computer Shops and he’s (a little bit) defensive about that if you mention it to him directly. For what is worse, I can say that we’re not stupid. We just have this “inner calling” to go against the flow of things. Maybe it’s the “hipster and geeky” thing inside of us, I don’t know exactly.

The reason I told you that story is because we usually talk about philosophy, theology and current events when we walk home or in the comforts of my house or his or in a café. It’s been known to everyone, or maybe not, that he’s an atheist. While I, being raised in a Catholic household, is a full pledged Christian. We would have this great debate that some of our friends would think that we’re kind of nuts and been referred to “old guys talking”. We would have a great laugh about it and the debate always ends in status quo.

So anyway, there was a time when we decided to create a somewhat like a club or something (kind of like a penny university, which we don’t know existed really), where we can talk about social and political issues in regards to what’s happening around the globe or in the Philippines. We even set up some rules and created a symbol for it. Those were funny rules. I think one of those (that I can remember) is that “MTV is a no-no”. But in the end, we find it hard to gather members because of the high preferences we set. So we decided to abolish the rules and gather anyone who can speak their mind with no prejudice of their intellectual background or whatever. Then the group’s number just piled up until we’re about 8-11 people. Well, the group turned out to be not what we expected instead, we became kind of like a “Drinking Club”. Even so, In the process of gathering the group, We decided to create a journal and do some write ups, poems and theories about anything we could think of.

Then I met my wife. Now aside from me and Cro-ak’s group. I also got involved into a team of paranormal practitioners. That is where, I actually met my wife. I invited Cro-ak to join me with this bunch because of the thought that he might find it interesting but he would dismiss the idea it every time.

So then, I got into relationship with Vem and then sometime there we decided to continue our degree in Bacolod. It’s two islands away from Panay, I think, but you can ride a boat and get there no more than an hour and a half. Coincidentally, Cro-ak’s already been studying in La Salle University in Bacolod, that’s within short walk distance from our (me and my wife’s) school, Riverside College.

I think, I told Vem about my earlier talks with Cro-ak, and the theory we’re trying to devise on how we can change the mentality of the Filipinos by openly discussing sensitive and relevant issues about politics, theology and any other social issues to different sorts of people. (Kind of like the “Pay it Forward” movie, I hoped you’ve watched that to capture the essence of this theory.) I think it was my wife who suggested to me to create a blog about it and I did, but due to distractions and stuffs happened in Bacolod, I forgot all about it. And it’s funny, I just happen to stumble into it earlier this afternoon and seems I never really gotten to post anything on it. The blog’s called “Pugad Indio Pilosopo” , inspired by the social club composed of Graciano Lopez Jaena, Marcelo H. del Pilar, Mariano Ponce, Antonio Luna and Jose Rizal who named their club “The Ilustrados“.

I know the project is ambitious and classic but I believe it’s never about the way or the manner really. We just have this strange conviction to pursue better change using reason. It may sound absurd to you, but I always said that the indifference is the real enemy here, not poverty, corruption or whatever. As I said in one of my post:

Indifference is like a disease that keeps spreading and infecting the mentalities of  the common folk and would hide and camouflaged itself behind our fundamentalist views and ignorance. I admit, I do too sometimes. Every time I hear any news of politics, I would sometimes shrug it off and leave it to people who give a crap and people who are full of crap. But turning my back doesn’t make it unreal though. It would still bug me out eventually (when I least expected it). That’s why somehow I’d like to contribute, even just a little, and cultivate a self revolution against these so-called mental-diseases.

– excerpts from “Thoughts on Reproductive Health Bill” by Smokebear

Copyright © 2011. Smokebear. All rights reserved.

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5 thoughts on “Why the Hell I Blog and Keep Blogging?

  1. Well If you want my honest opinion, and if my opinion is worth anything, I personally think that you are doing extremely well. Your English may not be 100% correct 100% of the time but you get your point across and I can understand it.
    You may have had work rejected at school and maybe you yourself have felt rejected but here on WordPress your work is not rejected and neither are you.
    You have as much right to be here and to write about whatever you feel like writing. There are no rules, just plain open speech. So feel free Smokebear to just write what is in your mind.
    Also I would add that your command of the English language is very good and you should be really proud of yourself.
    So no more self destruction….. write

    love Patrecia


    1. Honestly, I never had a chance to write anything more than 100 characters before. That is why, I’m a little rusty. Yet, I starting to love this blogging thing. I never thought I would. Hehehe.. Thank you, Patrecia for the understanding and the support 🙂


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