If I Could Take Any Classes for Free

Well let’s see. “If you could take any class for free, what would you choose?”. There are lots of things I wanted to learn and cultivate more learning from to what I already have. So if it’s really possible to have it for free, maybe I’ll choose…. Language Classes.

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan: near the pet shop and the adult video store…

Korean/ Mandarin or Cantonese/ Niponggo language classes. Yes, all of them. I’m fond with the people of the orient because they’re so traditional and very culture wise. I would have learn more if only I could break down that language barrier that separates us.

Lots of Koreans are trying to get here in the Philippines just so they can learn English. I think it’s because it’s cheaper than learning it in Uncle Sam‘s soil. So just to return the favor, I want to speak Koreans too. It’s one of my wish list to visit Korea someday.

I included Mandarin because for awhile, I really wanted to learn that language. They have kind of funny intonation like they’re whining over something in a sweet way and I believe this part of the orient is one of the oldest civilization still alive today. So, to know their culture and history. I have to at least, know the language first.

And lastly Niponggo (or was it Nihongo?) because I love their animes and manggas (graphic novels). I believe they have much more cooler graphic novels that haven’t translated yet. And Japan is really weird sometimes (about their fashion and their ideas). So to make it less strange a bit, I better learn the language. Besides that, if the Taiji dolphin hunt still won’t stop this year or for the next 5 years, I was planning to continue my support, more hands on, with Ric O’Barry and his staff. I could get creative in “helping” them but learning the language is the first step I have to make.

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