Flashback Friday Post Punk/New Wave: The Cure

The Cure performing in Singapore.
Image via Wikipedia

I find it hard to focus on writing. I was checking any updates in Taiji, about the dolphin killings. So far so good, the annual dolphin hunt would be delayed according to The Japan Times Online. I hope it ceased as soon as now. And I was surprised to know that there’s a Japan Dolphin Day Rally in Pasay (in Philippines). It was peaceful and organized. I would love to be part of it someday.

So anyway, Hmmm.. I’ve tried to figure what band to feature for this Flashback Friday.. I got Def Leppard in my list, Boston, White Lion, David Bowie, The Doors. Then a friend of mine posted in Facebook the line “I dont care if mondays blue tuesdays gray and wednesday too thursday i dont care about you its FRIDAY im in love”. So I take it as a sign, since I love the band too..

The Cure:


Some would say that the song is about abuse. Some say Robert Smith was inspired by the poem by Mark Howitt “The Spider and the Fly“. I don’t know. What I’m sure of is that I hate spiders. But I think Robert Smith got a different level of fear with the creepy crawlers. Others said that it’s based on a recurring nightmare Robert Smith had as a child where he was eaten by a giant spider.

This song is a genius. I mean, Spiderman usually depicts as a super hero (because of Stan Lee), but here, sounds like a molester or something.. A boogeyman.. And the tune, is creepy yet breezy (Hehehe.. XD).


“We’re so wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully, Wonderfully pretty!” Now this one.. hmmm.. Well, am not sure.. Maybe they see themselves as cats and the song describes the feeling of stardom. But according to some, this song was written because Rob got sick of them being called a goth band.

Some people say that Robert Smith got the idea for the song when he heard a story about someone who took their newborn kittens, tied them in a bag, and threw it in the river. He was astounded by the absurdity of that idea and couldn’t get it out of his head.

In Between Days

Well this is confusing. I can’t really grasp what he means. There are lots of contradictions but I think he’s talking about a love triangle maybe? I’m not really sure but he sounds like asking forgiveness for something he did and telling the girl to just walk away but it’s freakishly hurtful to lose her. Hahaha.. maybe it’s not a love triangle at all. Just a demented guy who can’t make up his mind of what he wants. The Inbetweeners!

Pictures of You

Holding on to stuffs that reminds you of the things of the past that can never be. Hmmm.. Some say, it’s about someone committed suicide, “If only I’d thought of the right words.. I could have held on to your heart”, and regret it in his part for the lack of verbal interactions that could have swayed the thought. Hehehe.. The song maybe a little lengthy, but the 8 mins and 24 secs is worth it.

Friday I’m in Love

Well, since it’s Friday, I think this song would be perfect. I don’t need to introduce this one. It’s among the well know songs of the cure. Oh! According to wikipedia:

During the writing process, Robert Smith became convinced that he inadvertently stole the chord progression from somewhere, this led him to a state of paranoia where he called everyone he could think of and played the song for them asking if they heard the song before. None of them had and Robert realized that the melody was indeed his.

Of course, I can never go to conclusion without featuring this song. It’s impossible. An inconceivable. This song is part of my teenage or high school life. Good ol’ days. We used to cover this every time we jam almost everywhere.

An encore, here it is:

Boys Don’t Cry


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