Can I endure living for weeks without Internet access?


Now, now. that’s a little bit harsh. Internet is a very vital tool in my lifestyle. It’s the only fun way I can communicate with my wife (because you know, I can see her right away through skype, unlike phones). It’s the only way I can express how I feel (Through my blog, I don’t write). It’s the only way I can connect with different sorts of people from across the world. Without it, my world would be like upside down. I’ll be like a zombie. Ohhh.. You don’t want that from me. You won’t see me frequently at home, I’ll be somewhere trying to get drunk or something. I’ll be a serious pain in the ass to everyone near me, even I would hate myself. It’s depressing.

I can’t even remember the day I live without internet access. It’s been ages. Maybe when I was living alone in La Paz (my hometown).. Hmm Nope, false alarm. I always find a way to log in Internet Cafes somewhere near my place.

I think I can endure, maybe, 1-23 hours without access but after it exceeded the limit, you’ll find me walking on the street, looking for a shop. (even in the middle of the night)

Though having a planned vacation is a different matter. I did go for days or weeks without internet. In Boracay (It’s a beach vacation spot here in the Philippines), when I went with my family for a vacation but I only last for 30 hours or so. Also when I went to Polomolok in Mindanao to visit my relatives living there. I guess, I lasted for 3-5 days then I ask my cousin for the directions of the nearest coffee shop.

Internet is a powerful tool. Though it’s like a double edged sword. It can cause procrastination. It can be a distraction to important things happening in my environment. But it also cures my boredom. It entices me to learn new things. It satisfies my curiosity. And it is the only way I can see my wife and check on her if she’s okay, especially with all the calamities and disasters happening. So please Internet, don’t go anywhere. I need you. Just at least for the time being while I’m miles away from Vem.

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