A Weekend of Nostalgic Drowning

Nostalgia is, as wiki said, yearning for the past in idealized form.

Last weekend, I gone out with some old friends and classmates from high school to talk about the reunion that will take place, maybe next year. We talk, we sing, we snickers and giggles. It was a fun night. Though I really hope Angelie was okay on being the target of our little jest. We were really aiming for Gary though. Hehehe.

Another reason for it to be a great night is Val, my best of friends since high school, came along with Michelle (his “you know” and now just got into relationship with :)) and we hang out (after 3-5 years?). I know he would be surprised to see me and my ex (also from our high school) in one room. And he just won’t stop snickering on everything I do when she arrived.

Oh by the way, Val and I were in a band before (Highschool and College). So we’re both musically inclined, if you guys wonder. We stop hanging out when he decided to work overseas and I became busy with real life stuffs.

So anyway, we were at some karaoke bar in Smallville. Val urged me to sing almost all the songs listed. He must be expecting a reaction from her or something. (In advanced, there’s nothing really between me and my ex anymore. So nothing really happened more than the casual “Do you guys want” (referring to my hazelnut cake) and a decline head tilt. In case you guys are wondering, which I doubt XD) Of course, he know my songs (top faves) and I won’t able to refuse those. That “tisoy” really knows hot to capture my melodramatic side and hit me up with nostalgia.

Anyway, there were lots of it but this particular song keep playing over and over in my head. It’s a little guilty pleasure, I admit. We haven’t done any cover of it yet but maybe soon.

I have a wide range of musical tastes (Disney songs, Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s, Yani, Toto, King and I, Phil folk songs, Eraserheads, Rage against the machine, Dreamtheatre, Rush, U2, Coldplay, random indie artists i found on the web, Beatles, Beach Boys, Johan Pachelbel, Robert Johnson, Led Zep, Foo Fighters, Kjwan, POT, FrancisM, Instrumental Soundtrack etc etc etc..) Feel free to stereotype me on any of the genres ^_^ Hehehe.. It won’t change my preferences though 😛

Here’s an encore.. I miss singing this song:

The town fiesta is fast approaching. Need to learn some lyrics and get back to practice. There will be a lot of jamming in that day. (Prank’s gig in the plaza and on the 3rd floor) I’m looking forward to it.


One thought on “A Weekend of Nostalgic Drowning

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