Ramblings that Lead Me Down to History.. Lessons

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I was with Victor earlier in St. Paul’s Hospital. His Dad was admitted last week because of stroke. He’s in a comatose state after he had a heart attack in the following day he was admitted. I decided to accompany him, at least for awhile, to extend a little support I can before I gone home tomorrow.

So after we buy some medicine for his dad, we decided to talk outside the hospital so he can have a smoke and I can have at least a bit of fresh air. Insides of the hospital makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when my doctor told me that my white blood cell count could drastically decline anytime because of my hyperthyroidism .

We bought “balots”, 1 for each of us, and settle ourselves into the chairs offered by a “manang” who owns the kiosk. To kill time, we talked a little bit about religion and history and he points out how he’s not amused of this holiday because of the 30% increase added to the total price of the medicines we bought (Seriously, what’s up with that?). So from there on I decided that, when I got back to my room. I’ll research about this “National Heroes’s Day” thing to (You know?) practice one of my aspect, as a nationalist.

So when I’m back to my room, I stumble across this article saying that “we have manufactured history” and that Cry of Balintawak mentioned many times before in history lessons is not entirely true. They were fictionalized to create a seeming more romantic Hollywood grandeur scene. In fact, some say it’s all hoax.

According to “The Cry of Balintawa: A Contrived Controversy (a textual analysis with appended documents):

  1. The so called “The Cry of Pugadlawin” is an invention. This conclusion is based on the total absence of any contemporary documentation on “Pugad Lawin”.
  2. There is an ample documentation on the tearing of the cedulas and the initial encounter of the revolution. The chronology of those events therefore no longer hinges on the testimony of just one of the eyewitnesses.
  3. The fiction about a “skirmish on 25 August 1896” perpetrated by certain misleading writing.
I’m not an expert in history but I sure love to learn. I hope someone would clear up the whole thing and give us a better understanding of those significant events. We owe it to our fore fathers, at least, we should honor them by acknowledging the history.
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2 thoughts on “Ramblings that Lead Me Down to History.. Lessons

  1. Sorry to be thick Smokebear but what is a ‘balot’ also can you explain in simple terms about your white blood count problem.

    Your English is very good!

    love P


    1. “A balut is a fertilized duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell.
      Popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack, balut are mostly sold by street vendors in the regions where they are available. It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines.” (from wikipedia)

      Hehehe.. It’s really delicious but you might find it “ewwy”, I guess you would need to close your eyes at first try 😛 I would recommend it to everyone. (Though let me warn you.. have only 1 egg a night. It’s not good for people with high blood pressure)

      About my WBC: it’s not really that bad. It’s about my fever few days ago. My doctor just reminded me to monitor it since I have this medication called “PTU” or propylthiouracil for my hyperthyroidism. But I feel great. Still got a strong immune system here 🙂 Thanks for asking


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