Response to the OkCupid Affair Gizmodo Article

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My Brief OkCupid Affair With a World ChampionMagic: The GatheringPlayer

This is an article I stumbled upon while looking for interesting stuffs over the net. An article written by a girl who I would say belonged to the “A” group. You know those “cool”, always in the trend people? (as others say) She was whining about a guy she went out on a date with, who she said was, normal at first until he mentions that he’s a Magic card game player, a world champion to be exact and that turns out to be, her biggest “no – no”.

So she thinks she’s better than all the geeks? I mean, wtf! I have nothing against this kind of.. women because hey, we all have our own preferences. But it just seems callous and shallow to judge the guy haphazardly. If I ever dated someone who was like that girl, I would come up with an excuse to leave her right away or it would be such a pain to restrain myself of throwing her down under the bridge or leave her chained on a street post.

What’s with the prejudice? I thought the geek culture is already part of the mainstream. All guys have a hobby or two that we’re passionate with. Some would be basketball, air soft, boxing, coffee, writing, travelling, online gaming or playing a strategic card collectible. It doesn’t make them socially handicapped. I mean, being geeky at some aspects of our personality doesn’t make us socially handicap. We just have a strong conviction on whatever we love to do and no shame of being true to ourselves.

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