People Don’t Change.. I think

Yesterday, my batch mates in CSCJ decided to meet up to discuss any plans of our fast approaching 10th year span of High School Reunion. Well, it didn’t come as we hoped for (because there are only a handful of attendees last night) but it’s not really that bad (I mean, it’s better than no one shows up at all). I just wish a more suited people (than us) would step up and accept the role as the organizer or at least helped us out to make this thing happen. I don’t think we (Gary and I) are the best our batch can offer to lead this thing. I mean, what the hell? We’re guys and we’re suppose to be timid. It’s our reputation from Elementary to High School.. Hehe..

Anyway, I decided to write something about the topic we talked about yesterday (Hinubog-Nga-Storya-Sessions)Β that I wasn’t able to explain completely, “People don’t change” πŸ™‚

What is change? πŸ˜› Don’t worry. I won’t excerpt meanings from the dictionary. We all know what change is, right?. Change is a transformation ( nature, context, form etc.) into something else that is different from its earlier concept. (Was that correct?)

I believe people don’t change. The only changes occur in our lives are the circumstances/situations we’re into and the physical transformations. We usually say that life teaches us things that would change us. I don’t entirely believe that one. I believe there is already something in us and that thing makes us see that life’s teaching. It’s not the stimuli that makes us who we are or defines what we are. I think what makes us unique to everyone else is the knowledge or moral that is stored within us.

Let’s make an example to better explain my theory:


After I broke up with my ex, I thought I change. I become more daring, a little masochist and would hate women. (a bit because of their being so… “blondish” <— it’s my term! mine!) I smoked, drank, did some drugs (but honestly, just tried it our of curiosity.. err don’t misjudged me please XD ).

So in a layman’s view, I did change, right? There’s an idea or a thought that triggers these actions, that is the root of the changes that happened and that root, I believed, is just the tip (of an iceberg that is our soul) of our identity, the who or what we truly are, and that cannot be change by the environment or any other stimuli. The environment can only activate that “idea” but the decision we partake is already decided even without that idea.

Let go further with the example:


I met my wife and decided to mellow it down. I seldom drink because i have an acquired hyperthyroidism. I stopped smoking for another health reason. I only do legal drugs for my medication purposes only. What trigger this behavior?

the variables that changes in this circumstance:

  • behavior
  • decision making
  • health
What does it make me then? Here are the possible thoughts/ideas that stand as the root of these changes:
  1. Smart – because I value my life more than the redundant night-out party lifestyle
  2. Loving – because I value my life for my wife that I’m willing to throw all these vices just to stay longer living with her.
  3. Good person – because I would concern myself of other people’s happiness over my silliness πŸ˜›
Now.. to prove my argument.. these “roots” must be proven to be existed before the “layman’s view of transition”. So let’s go back.
Exhibit A πŸ˜›
  • Smart – I was smart then too that’s why I try learning things and satisfy my curiosity
  • Loving – because of me, being a loving person, I become a little destructive
  • Good Person – because of all that escapade. I never hurt anyone. Even though, I hated women before. I never ever hurt anyone’s feelings just to satisfy my ego.
So what you think? Did I provoke an idea or thoughts of your own about this? I hope my explanation didn’t add more confusion to you guys. I would explain it more maybe next time, further analysis. But I will leave you with just that for now πŸ™‚ Feel free to say anything to disprove or prove me. I will gladly take your own theory for consideration. πŸ™‚
*By the way,Β I didn’t proofread this yet. Val already texted me to meet him in Smallville, so there’s no time. I’ll fix it maybe later.
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6 thoughts on “People Don’t Change.. I think

  1. πŸ™‚ I think you’ve proven it well.. Its not that you really change, but the things you would have done because of as you said a stimuli, is already an coded personality in our genes.. I would say instead of people change, “people adapt” lol! its not really “changing” its just bringing out dormant, instilled abilities and traits to adapt to the current situation and environment.. so yeah πŸ™‚


  2. Drugs or no drugs I still love you Smokebear….
    You changed the first time because you were angry
    You changed the second time because you were in love



    1. Hehehe.. I’ll talk about it more, maybe later for more analytical view.. Anyway, I’m always glad that you take time to visit and read my blog, Patrecia..

      Thank You!


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