The Procastinator

pro·cras·ti·na·tion  [proh-kras-tuh-ney-shuhn, pruh‐]
the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention: She was smart, but her constant procrastination led her to be late with almost every assignment.

verb (used with object)
to put off till another day or time; defer; delay.

verb (used without object)
to defer action; delay

*According to Urban Dictionary:


What you’re probably doing right now

“I meant to do my paper, but went procrastinating at urbandictionary instead”

Avoiding doing something for as long as possible, sometimes not doing it at all.

“I have not yet begun to procrastinate.”

The reason that many intelligent children fail to make it into a (good) college.

Kevin: Actually, I’m not stupid at all. I just have an awful tendency to procrastinate.

Diggity Monkeez: Oh. And to think that for all these years I had assumed that you were stupid.

Young Couple Sleeping

Hahaha. Vem would have a lot to say about me in this subject. I am a Procastinator! Yes. She knows it. I know it. I don’t know how I develop the habit (Spare me Wiki Knowledge, puhlease? ) but I got it. Though honestly, I dreadfully hated it.

Let me tell you a secret. Just promise me not to use this against me ever. I will deny it if you did. I mean, what makes you think I’m not making up a story? Anyway, if you know me for a long time, you would already know I worked as a Call Center Representative in a certain company. At first it was a good job with good pay. Then they transferred me to another Department. They asked for my requirements (again). At that time, I already worked there for couple of months. I wasn’t really bother to fix my requirements, because of you know…  “procastination“. Then after working for the said 2 months, I quit. And until now, I still haven’t received my 2 months salary and it’s already 3 years.

God, I hate procastination.

So now we’re back to the specific query the prompt asking me. List of my favorite ways to procastinate..

1. Family Guy/ House/ Big Bang Theory/ Dexter
.. watching my dvd collection would cause me to lose track of time (and priorities)

2. Video Games (Fight Night, NBA LIVE, Super Mario, World of Warcraft etc.) or Chess

… Games.. Procastinator’s Big Guns.. Be prepared to lost in your own void..

3. Facebook/Blogging

… Can’t say.. If I want to procastinate, I usually close facebook or my wife would see me and scold me if she sees me on facebook instead of doing something she thinks important. Though sometimes I lost track of time when Blogging.

4. Movie House/ Cinema

… If I went to the city with an important career-related mission. I already have the list of what’s showing in cinemas in Robinsons Galleria and SM City. I would have 3 Shawarma for lunch.

5. Sleeping

.. Still the best. I just want to sleep.

… Uhummm.. So that’s the list.. I mean there could have been a lot more… And well, I think am procastinating now.. Instead of sleeping, I’m still here doing Plinky. God I have to set my priorities right.. What about you? what’s on your list of favorite procastination? Woops!? I think I just saw Vem just got online on Skype. Got to go.. to sleep 😛

Good Night! 🙂

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