Flashback Friday Glam: Twisted Sister

Teacher: Hello Students..

The school has begun… The summer is over… I… am in command… (class sighs)… What was that? For that little outburst, each and everyone of you will spend 3 hours in detention. TODAY! IMMEDIATELY AFTER SCHOOL IN THE BASEMENT! (noticed the student’s notebook). What do you think you’re doing? TWISTED SISTER!? What kind of man desecrates a defenseless textbook! I GOT A GOOD MIND TO SLAP YOUR FAT FACE! YOU ARE DESTROYING YOUR LIFE WITH THAT.. THAT.. THAT.. GARBAGE!!! ALRIGHT, MISTER SISTER!! I WANT YOU TO TELL ME.. No better yet.. STAND UP AND TELL THE CLASS. WHAT ARE YOU WANNA DO WITH YOUR LIFE!???


Hahaha.. Transcribed from the first scene in their official video of “I Wanna Rock”. I’m not really a fan of this band (until I got 19-20 year old, I think). Though their songs are all familiar. My cousin, Nong Boyet, used to live in our compound and being in a metal band, would sometimes bring some betamax/VHS tapes of music videos compilation of his favorite glam metal bands. But like I said, I’m not really their fan when I was a kid. Maybe because, I have some other interests that overshadow them at that time. (You know.. highschool sweethearts, assignments, field demonstrations and other cheesy sh*t) It’s a shame, it would have helped me out somehow on my high school days. But it doesn’t matter. I learned to appreciate them anyway.

Alright Mister. What the hell do you think you’re doing? You call this a room? (younger brother snickers) This is a pigsty. (Dropping the books). I want you to straighten up this area now! (More throwing down of books). YOU ARE A DISGUSTING SLOB! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!?? WHAT DO YOU WANNA DO WITH YOUR LIFE!!!?

Kid: I WANNA ROCK!! (guitar strums!)

.. There’s a phase in everyone’s life that would be best described by this next song ^_^.. I can’t say that this is my most favorite of the twisted sister’s. It has the most catchiest tune, maybe. Well, each on its own. It’s still one of the best 🙂

One of the things I’m thankful of technology is having the access to stuffs like these.. In the old days, we would record songs from radio stations and really hate it when a DJ would sing along or blurt out something stupid..

Here’s another one..

Jan 16 1982 preformance of ‘Under The Blade” very early show on TV.Shows how Metal TS really was before all that MTV crap.And this was from the Flo and Eddie Show…


Oh.. Yes this is so vividly familiar (and nostalgic). I think, it’s on Nong Boyet’s playlist. He would play it, on our way to school, every morning.

.. Okay.. I hope you guys enjoy this blast from the past: my top 5 songs from the Twisted Sister ( Still subject to change).. Yeah I know there should be a lot more. I didn’t even put up a rank.. If I do, I have to listen to every song in their every album again.. Hahaha.. It’s already past 2 am.. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this.. 🙂

For the love of 80’s.. Here’s an Encore XD:

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