2nd Day of Fever: (more break)

This is the 2nd day of my fever. I can’t post anything yet but I already have four drafts standing by. I can’t finish them (with this constant sniveling distraction, I can’t). God, I hope I’ll be okay by tomorrow. I have lots of things needed to do. I applied for learner’s permit for driving “again”, by the way. Well, I have one when I was 15 yrs old. Then at 17, I got a Non-Prof License but I lost it when I was 19 or 21 something.  Hehehe…

So anyway, you might ask “Why are you still in front of you laptop if you needed rest”. Well, I won’t take long. I’m just checking the blog for the views. And It seemed, my most viewed blog entry so far is “Boogeyman: Ilonggo Version”. Well, thank you guys. It took me couple of days finishing that. There are still more creatures I haven’t mentioned there but some I’m not really familiar with those and some lacks of reference. So anyway, thank you for checking it out.

Oh, by the way looky looky!

Where's Wall-E?

I happen to stumble this pic in a geek site somewhere. It’s created by Richard Sargent. Wall-E is easy to find, actually, but the real game is how many robots you can name? So if you’re not really busy and you’re into this kind of stuff. C’mon, click on the image to enlarge it.. (Don’t want to spoil  it guys but. there’s c3po, r2d2, terminator t-800, tinman etc etc.. :P)

And here’s a dosage of College Humor:

*If you enjoy that one.. Here’s their site —->>> http://www.collegehumor.com/ Lots of cool stuffs

So anyway, I’ll take a nap now.. By the way, check out my microblog.. I just created one 2 days ago.. Also my wife created one too..

Smokes and Mists – (smokecredence.tumblr.com)

Talking to Myself and Other Complexities – (chubibuchi.tumblr.com)

Have a great day guys!



3 thoughts on “2nd Day of Fever: (more break)

  1. Oh poor Smokebear, I did not know that you were poorly. Is it man-flu? i do hope that Mrs Smokebear is taking good care of you. i do hope that you will soon recover.

    If it were possible I would hop on a plane and come to Thailand to help make you better

    loved the post and I could not find Wallie


    1. Hahaha.. I don’t think it’s man-flu.. My wife’s in US and I’m here in the Philippines.. So it’s a downer but we talk through skype everyday.. Thank you for your concern, Patrecia 🙂


  2. Hey, you stated in a much more direct way what I was trying to communicate, thanks, I will recommend your site to my friends.


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