Spin the Bottle! (Truth or Dare)

Hmmm.. A weird prompt.. “Would you rather answer a very personal question or take on a potentially embarrassing challenge?” Well.. I’d rather choose neither? I don’t see any significance why should I choose any of it. But.. hmmm.. I remember when I was a kid. We used to play the “spin the bottle“. I’m not sure if you guys are all familiar with that game. I think I last played it was when I was in 3rd year High School ( 16 yrs old ). Well, it always turned out in my favor *evil grin.

Spin the bottle

Anyway, If I really need to choose either of the two as if the world depends on it. I’ll probably choose truth and answer whatever personal question you can throw. The reason why I choose truth, it’s because the challenges is a bit bothersome. Whatever I choose, the point of it is to embarrassed and to make a fool out of myself. Of course, I’ll be obliged to speak honestly on whatever they may ask but I can always bend it a little. You know? Half truth as what others say. Besides, the reason they’re asking a question is because they don’t know anything about it. So no one can contradict my story. I know they would expect for something intriguing to be revealed. I can make something up. If that failed, I’ll find a way. I would never be run out of options.

Anyway, I think it was in High School, I was playing this game with some of my classmates. I don’t want any “dares”, so I always chose “truth”. Someone asked me if I was a virgin (I guess, that’s the most intriguing question they can asked me then) She failed to give me specifics on what she’s asking. So I tell them a story. I finished it up as if their question has been answered. The story is a little vague, actually, and the question is essentially unanswered.. They would pester me, when they realized it, but by invoking the rules of “One answer to one question to every truth”, they can’t force me to say more. Hehehe..

Anyway, it’s only a game. Making sure that you can use the rules in your favor and there’s no on can justify if what’s you’re saying is true or not is, I guess, important. Be convincing πŸ˜›

In a serious tone, I am an honest man though (or trying to be). I don’t want to make myself believe on things that are not essentially true. You can lie and fool other people but you don’t want to lie to yourself. If you do, the pain would be unbearable in the end. Though, honesty can potentially hurt people too. I tried to watch out myself on saying hurtful truths but sometimes, it’s just too little too late.

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6 thoughts on “Spin the Bottle! (Truth or Dare)

  1. Honesty is always the best policy, even if the truth is slightly bent….so carry on Smokebear be honest….you may be the only man in the universe who is!!


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