Dangerous Situation: a Junkie, a Knife and the Great Police Force

got some moneh, kitteh?

5 or 7 years ago.. I can’t remember the exact date but I remembered I was out looking for a job and after a tiresome day, I headed home (about 1 am, I think). When I was passing a street near ours, a man suddenly grabbed my left arm and threatened me with a knife, demanding I give him my cellphone.

I was never mugged before so I didn’t know really how to react. I even knew the freaking douchebag. He used to bully my friends when we were kids. Now, he turned out to be a drug addict, a junkie. So I was frozen surprised at the familiarity and of my childhood memories of this man that it dazed me. I tried talking to him but this is a wasted effort. He’s drug crazed. I didn’t know what to do but sure as hell I’m not going to give in without a fight. My cellphone is not worth the risk actually, but its the contacts in it is what’s valuable.. (I was job hunting, remember?)

I’m just a 5’6-5’7 guy, normal body, no martial arts background, and not really athletic at that time and I think I already have hyperthyroidism or toxic goiter in my system. And the douche: same height, normal physique, knife in hand, buddies lurking in the shadows.

He grabbed my left hand with his right and aimed the knife at me with his other hand. I grabbed his knife hand and it became a tug of war until i was pushed back into a wired fence. My cellphone fell from my pocket unto the concrete. The adrenaline rush at that moment caused me to remember only memory flashes. I only know that I after i fell, I was still in my defensive stance, ready to fight just as yet. But when he saw my cellphone a few meters away, he turned his attention, grabbed and made a run for it.

So in the end, the only cut I got is on the back of my wrist which resulted to a scar. I am constantly reminded of what happened every time i see or feel the scar. I got some bruises but no serious injuries. And, I would be lying if I’ll say that the experience didn’t shake me up a bit.

ten ten ten ten ten *splahk!

What do you guys think? Should I have given the cellphone in an instant or I did the right thing, give him at least a fight? How much I dreaded those memories. Thinking of better ways I could have done it on my favor. I kept thinking of other ways that i could have done that would change the situation to my favor. Yeah, I know it’s probably just my ego talking but there are times I wished I could relive that moment and done something better than what I did.

We reported it to the police. Turned out it’s another waste of time. They just filed the case then that’s it. I was really pissed off, they didn’t do anything. I don’t want to say this, but the police system just sucks here. I’ve heard I wasn’t the only victim. He was already reported by other people. Then I was wonderingย “Why the hell is he still on the streets then?”. I’ve heard rumors that the guys who mugged me actually has connections with the police. The police were actually his buyers for the cellphones he steals from victims.

*bang bang!
in chinese tourist hostage crisis


Soco - our own CSIs XD.. taking pictures of evidence i guess..
I really don't get it why choose a failed hostage crisis spot for background

In the end, the douche was killed. I’ve heard his head or his face was smashed by something big and blunt when he was caught stealing from a house. A rock maybe some are saying. I also heard the police staff of our district were transferred somewhere else and is under probation while some were fired.

Is it Karma or the police system’s improving? I would say Karma. The idea is more believable than the other.

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4 thoughts on “Dangerous Situation: a Junkie, a Knife and the Great Police Force

  1. Oh Smokebear, how terrifying for you. I thought my experience was bad but I was not in bodily danger. Your experience was nasty… trouble is that it seems to be the accepted thing nowadays. You ask what we thought you should have done….personally I would have given him the phone. A bit of plastic is hardly worth your life, you can always buy another phone, you cannot buy another you.
    Hindsight is a great thing. We all do it in situations, wondering if we could have done better but hindsight was not there at that precise moment so you can only use instinct.
    I am glad you survived, otherwise I would not be having the pleasure of your company on WP,

    Have a good day my friend


  2. I completely understand how you felt and feel today. I am very happy that the junkie was so focused on the phone that he left you alone after he got it. But knowing him and having experienced his bullying prior to his attacking you made it even more difficult. Dealing with the police with these types of assaults can be so demoralizing. You are safe, and karma did intercede on your behalf so in the cosmic universe justice was done. You need to give yourself some slack because my father fought back and he is no longer here with us.


    1. Yeah I did give myself some slack. In the end, what really matter is I still have my life to spend with my wife. I’m just glad I survived that and somehow thankful that I was introduced to that kind of reality. We live, we learn.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you for sharing how you feel, laurienichols and I’m sorry for what happened to your dad. I hope justice has been served to whoever hurt your father.

      Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚


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