If I were a superhero, certainly, I would.. not.. wear tights

I would be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.. My name would still be Von.. I don’t have an alter ego because I don’t need one. I have the power to make all thinking creatures forget me or shape another memory to them. My power is like the memory eraser tool in Men in Black, called “neuralizer“. It’s so powerful that I can use it with any living organism I want. I could use it to humans, plants, orcs, elves, dwarfs, protoss, martians or zergs (etc). But, to cast the neuralizer, I have to sing first and I can adjust the radius of my power anytime I want or target specific person. Hell yeah, I can neuralize everybody in the world in a snap but, for the good of mankind, I wouldn’t. I too have the ability to fly, but I seldom use it because it’s a bit cliche besides I would prefer a bad ass motorcycle or a vintage car for transportation.

american chopper

I age just a little above humans. Let’s say, 120 years is my life span but my body would stay at 20 – 35 yr old. So I still look like who’s about to have a mid-life crisis though I’m already 118 or something. I drop dead randomly when I reach above 120. So I can’t really predict when will I die.

1967 chevy impala

Even so, I can smoke 20 packs of cigarette and get drunk when I want, it doesn’t affect my body. I don’t have super strenght but I am unbreakable just like Bruce Willis on the movie named to this feat. But water is not my weakness and I have arachnophobia. Though, It was actually me, who neuralize Peter Parker and imprint the caption “great power comes great responsibility” into his mind and used his uncle Ben‘s image. But I know you wouldn’t believe me anyway but I can always force you to believe. Hehehe.. Anyway, I also neuralize some famous people too but I’ll tell you all about it next time (or not)..

bring out your happy thoughts

Anyway, my nemesis would be Vem, she’s a vampire or a fairy… or a fairy vampire. lol. She’s also my weakness. ( I hope you already know the difference between nemesis and archenemey) And my archenemy would be someone who’s opposite of me in some ways: a psychopath with high level of intelligence, a cutthroat, manipulative, loves spiders, and fond of antiquity and high-class and he’s… a cannibal.. (Yeah, Hannibal Lecter kind of guy.)

"Is this coincidence, or are you back on the case? If so, goody-goody. "

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2 thoughts on “If I were a superhero, certainly, I would.. not.. wear tights

  1. what an imagination… Superman in Jeans..well, well, well,

    Thank you for visiting my blog..I shall subscribe to your so that I can see what else you get up to.

    love Patrecia


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