My Favorite Month

January. It’s the first month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendar. It’s named after the god, Janus. The first day of the month is New Year’s Days. It’s one of the coldest month in the Philippines.

 January, from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
Historical names for January include its original Roman designation, Ianuarius, the Saxon term Wulf-monath (meaning wolf month, because wolves would come into village in winter searching for food). In Finnish, the month is called tammikuu, meaning month of the oak, but the original meaning was the month of the heart of winter, as tammi has initially meant axis or core. In Czech this month is called leden, meaning ice month. In Ukrainian it is січень meaning cutting or slicing perhaps referring to the wind. Similarly, in Croatian January is called siječanj, also meaning cutting or slicing. In Sámi it is known as ođđajagimánnu, meaning simply “new year’s month”. The Turkish word for the month is called Ocak that means stove, fireplace.

(Yeah, I researched those on wikipedia :P)

I have lots of significant memories on January. It’s one of my nostalgic months (in lined with December). January 3, It’s the day of my wedding (also the birthday of my first gf in high school :P). January 9, my birthday (lots of memories there). The 3rd week of January, the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo, a week of merriment and street dancing (Look it up, mark it on the calendar. It’s an all-week party, baby!)

January is the door of a new beginning. It’s a chance to accept our faults, aberrations and shortcomings and just let it all go. It’s actually just a concept, but it’s the month giving out an idea that there’s always a chance to change.

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