Possible Ally in Water World Future

* Do not try to keep wild animals as pets. If you truly love them, let them be free in the wild. They have different needs only nature can offer. Domesticating one is a grave mistake, not because it might get loose and run rampant and could hurt you or someone in the process, because you’re the one who’s actually hurting them. Save them by letting them go. FREE WILLY!

Now back to the topic. šŸ˜€

Killer Whale jumping

In the future, when ice caps have melted and seas ascend and covered the land (like in the “Water world” movie). I would love to have a pet killer whale. They’re badass. So, I would tame them and they’ll accept me as part of their pod then we could hunt together. I’ll be like Kevin Costner, with fins under my ears. I’ll teach them not to kill dolphins and penguins (dolphins are very social creatures). With their help, I can create a mini island of some sort. We could play fetch. They’ll dive undersea and bring me some pieces of civilization I can use on my mini island. Who knows, I might find a real island with their help along with the dolphins. šŸ™‚

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