My Ideal Saturday Night


  • I don’t know how to describe it exactly. As long as I’m with my peers and don’t regret anything the next day. That would be great. Eh? Hmm.. Wait.. No, I think that’s too “Mr. Safety”..
  • Let’s try it again. Think “The Hangover”- like experience. Now that would be a blast. Let’s tweak the scene a little more. Imagine, waking up the next day with hot Japanese/Blonde twins, naked under the sheets you’re sleeping, in a 5 star Hotel. Awesome, right? But.. Naah! Hahaha.. That’s not right. I would be pounded by my conscience the next day and for the next several years, I can’t bear that empty and hollow feeling. Aside from that, what kind of diseases I might get myself with.
  • So let’s go to another scene.. Maybe, an ego boosting Rock gig where I’ll be playing, with other rockstars and celebrities (Imagine Angel and Anne or maybe Taylor Swift hehe..) at the backstage partying and jamming. Just enjoying ourselves. Well that would be cool. But the next day it would leave me having an unsatisfied feeling and would make me hunger for another-like-that experience. Party addiction, that’s a little unhealthy. In the long run, I would still turn out empty and depressed.
  • Hmmm let’s make it simple and also possible. Honestly now, maybe a simple date with my wife on a pleasant night. Maybe somewhere in Paris, Italy or any romantic places. Somewhere we can watch the stars clearly at night after dinner and drinking classy wine(s). Where we can stroll around and sit when we’re tired, along the beach and we’ll talk about anything.

Wherever the kind summer breeze of the sea would lead us, that would make a mark as the best of all best nights of my life. I don’t mean to sound cheesy but I can’t shake off that kind of blissful scene. Just a pleasant, content and peaceful feeling the next day.

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3 thoughts on “My Ideal Saturday Night

  1. tsch! And I was about to remember everything you wrote about anne, angel jamming..

    until I got to the last paragraph.. but still! hmp! gna consider mo gale ha! 😛


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