If I Had Grown Up With/Without Siblings

I honestly can’t imagine that. I’ve been used having 2 siblings, a younger brother and an elder sister… Give me few seconds to digest this.. Ummm.. ummm… yeah!

Thank you! Now that I give it a few moments to sink in, I think it would have been probably great and at the same time sad. You can do anything you want with lesser restrictions. I would be a spoiled brat. Though I hate spoiled brats, I’ll probably become one. I could buy lots of toys and be the only subject of my parents’ affection. Hehehe.. But in the end, I’ll become sad and ask my parents for a little brother or sister. Imagining the perspective of the only child, Their moms and dads are usually out at work. They’re left at the house all alone or with a sitter.. It would cause separation anxiety but if there’s something or someone to fill in that gap. I think it’s not really that bad, right? I don’t know. I’m not living an extravagant or poor lifestyle but I’m still thankful for what I am and what I have.

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