If I Could Relive One Day of My Past

One of the best moments of my past that I want to relive into would be that time when I was in 4th year high school. We did a talent show. That was the first show we did as a group. Four songs in total. Those were: Kapayapaan by Tropical Depression, Wag mo na sana by Parokya ni Edgar, Pecha Pie by Parokya ni Edgar and Cruisin from the movie “The Duets”.

It was a mixture of excitement and fear. My bestfriend (Val in lead guitars) is planning to back out (He heard rumors that the 3rd year band will do Agent Orange by Slapshock, and at that time that song was a big hit). Some of us are losing hope while the others are extremely excited. It’s like I’m on a teen movie or something. Piles of dramas and inspirational scenes (Kind of reminds me of the Breakfast Club scenes especially the end scene, really). But when we set foot on that stage, Val and I are dumbstruck.

There’s a strange energy flowing into me. Feels like my chest is going to burst or something but not really in a bad way. It relaxed my muscles, boosted my confidence and made me feel like everything is possible. When we’re about to start, I gave Val a knowing look and he answered me with a nod. I realized then that he felt it too. Don’t know what you call it, but we able to pulled it off and did a one hell of a show. It was a great experience for us and for the audience who witnessed it.

There’s one thing I regret about it though. I don’t have any pictures. I should have salvaged any pictures I can get my hands with and have it copied or saved on my PC. But, there’s nothing I can really do about it. The experience is more than enough anyway.

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