Weekly Manga Reviews: Worth Reading as of Now

I’ve read a lot of mangas lately and decided maybe to make a review base on how well I liked or hated it. I didn’t include the popular ones like: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach etc. They’re a bit cliche, in my opinion. I don’t mean to offend anyone of you who happens to liked them so much. I’m just tired of these fighting genres ( everytime the fighting ceased and the villain is defeated, another one comes along ) it just keeps on and on. It’s not that I’m not drawn to this genre ( I love Naruto, Samurai X etc. etc. ). So I just decided to make a review of mangas that would really makes you intrigue and enchant you with a different kind of recipe. So my list would be consists of Not-Really-So-Popular mangas but fun to read and very captivating.

1. Liar Game

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Seinen

Manga fox ( http://www.mangafox.com/manga/liar_game/ )

rating: 4.93

rank: 46th, it has 2,432,501 monthly views

Liar Game started serialization in 2005 (September 16, 2005) in Shueishia’s Weekly Young Jump.  As of October 2010, the series continues with 13 released, the latest on September 17, 2010.  A short story “Roots of A” has been published as the title piece of a Shinobu Kaitani’s anthology released in July 2008.

Synopsis:     The story revolves around a college girl named Nao Kanzaki. She’s naïve and dangerously honest. She received a package containing a 100 million yen ( about 1 M dollars ) and a note saying that she automatically accepted the invitation to play in the tournament once she open the package. The game is called “Liar Game”. In this tournament, everyone are encouraged to cheat and lie to get the other contestants’ money while the loser have to bear the 100 million yen debt. When her first opponent, happens to be her teacher in middle school, conned her by using her trusting nature, she seeks help of a just-release ex-convict Shin’ichi Akiyama, who was known to be the genius swindler who destroy multi-level marketing company using their own method and said to be “the con artist who took the largest sum of money in japanese criminal history”. Though they managed to defeat her teacher, Nao and Akiyama decide to buy out her teacher’s debt and advance through different rounds against other merciless contestants, while at the same time attempting to free their opponents from debts and defeat the Liar Game organization from within.

Fun Facts:     Shinobu Kaitani was inspired to write Liar Game after visiting a local beer pub in Kagoshima.

My Review:     I’ve just read this a month ago and let me say that, it’s been a great fun. It is a psychological thriller kind of manga that will need you to imagine and think ( talkin’ about Deductive Reasoning power play ). It’s riddled with twist and turns with intriguing mind games and fascinating insights of human behavior. If the round games seem unfamiliar to you, they have explanations about statistics and estimated chances every round sometimes I find entertaining, sometimes seem dragging. Nevertheless, Each episode usually has enough new twists and shocks to satisfy you. It reminds me of Death Note and Code Geass but also unlike them, Liar Game focus on small range plot. No superpowers, no political uprising just lie and cheat your way to victory. I definitely recommend this series as a good psychological/intelligent thriller. ( I don’t know if there’s a genre they call it but this is kinda like “One Outs”, “Kaiji”)

Memorable Quotes:


“not only you have discovered the huge mistake you made”..

” the grand paradox lurking within your noble-sounding statment that the “LGT office is the enemy!””

” if you’re so insisting on stopping on stopping the LGT office, you should have never allowed me to win more money. In the end, all you served to do was support the LGT operation. ”


” Fu fu fu.. you’ve contradicted yourself as well.. Say whatever you like but that fact is you are the real loser of this game.”

” It’s true that you’re the only who’s profited, Mr. Yokoya.. But.. Was this result all brought about by the domination you speak of?”

(  to be continued… )


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