Sandbar: Along the Island of Concepcion (unfinished)



Concepcion, Iloilo

Due to the relentless urging of my cousin Jane to meet up, and my wife is already here for 2 months since arriving from California and has never gone to the beach yet. We set up to meet and chose Sandbar to be our travel destination at the  end of summer.

Along with my usual travel companion, Victor, we forced ourselves to stay up late that night before with the series of cups of coffee and still end up to departing around 8:00 am because of a 2hour wait to fill a 100 people capacity bus. So as a result, I slept half the time on our journey.

Anyway, as soon as we arrived at the port, we looked for a boat that could take us there. A fisherman offered to take us to the island with 600 pesos payment. I was hesitant at first, I realized that deal is the cheapest you can get for boat travel expenses in the area. So we boarded and expecting to be there in 30 mins, but instead took us an hour-long ride through a seeming neverending blue ocean. It made me tensed and wary. “Are they really taking us there?”, ” Why is it taking a longer time to get there?”, “Is the boat too slow?” It reminded me of taxi hustlers and scammers in Manila where the drivers would tell you that it’s too traffic, a scam so you have to pay more. Or take longer routes and detours so their meters can rip you off. So, being the usual cautious person that I am, I tried looking for strategic positions, rather seating, in that small pump boat that will put me in an advantage point against surprise attacks or whatever. Hehehehe.. Still, all that paranoia didn’t make me miss marveling at the scenery.

Finally, the island known as Sandbar because of its well, very prominent long sandbar, is visible at last. It was quite populated at that time maybe because it was Sunday but it was warm and sunshiney. Everything you would expect from a beach vacation in a more pristine scenery.

If you're wondering why Jane has an unsettling look 
we were talking about if we should stay there until the next day or 
should we go home in the afternoon. So we weigh some options. 
The last trip from Concepcion to Iloilo would be at 5 pm and
 the bus travel time would take us 6 hours. 
I want everyone to be satisfied with the Summer End Vacation, 
so in the end, we concluded that we're gonna have to stay over the night 
and leave first thing on the morrow.

Here’s a solo picture of my wife. a testament that proves she went to the beach at summer 😀

and this is how it really looks like it there.. with fellow travelers unwinding and enjoying the relaxing salt water breeze and warm summer skies.

So Vem and Jane decided to stroll around to take pictures while me and victor talked to the owner and ask for a transfer to any vacant closed-cottage we can stay for the night. I happens to spot a delightful hammocks. After the meeting with the caretaker/owner, I can now sleep through the afternoon 🙂

Hehehe 😛 Don’t Disturb Please..

Seeing I was asleep, they play around and took pictures of stuffs and themselves. Until they probably grow tired and pick a hammock and join me to an afternoon slumber.

Copyright © 2011. Smokebear. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Sandbar: Along the Island of Concepcion (unfinished)

    1. yeah! its worth checking out! the water is really nice.. you will get awesome photography of the sandbar at any angle. Its going to be a bit of an adventure, gear up 🙂


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